Man Charged in 2016 Death of Teen in Pike County

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PALMYRA TOWNSHIP -- "I didn't kill her. I don't know what happened to her."

26-year-old Sky McDonough of Milford, Pike County denies he did it, but state police say the evidence proves otherwise.

McDonough is charged with kidnapping and murdering his 17-year-old girlfriend Leanna Walker.

Her remains were found one month later on a former llama farm in Milford Township last year, where McDonough once worked.

In a statement to Newswatch 16, Leanna's mother, Diane Walker says the family is happy about the charges and "…would like to thank everyone who assisted in the search for Leanna."

Leanna Walker was reported missing in April of last year — her picture is on posters around the Milford area.

According to court papers, McDonough believed Walker had been unfaithful to him and threatened to kill Walker "...if she ever tried to leave him."

He often referred to the bible and said "…if a man's wife ever leaves him, that man should kill her."

Police found handwritten divorce writs from McDonough to Walker with religious references.

He said wanted to run away with her to Jamaica, but a Facebook conversation between the two showed Walker did not want to go.

After Walker disappeared, McDonough reportedly told police the two were camping out together in the woods in the Milford area.

Investigators say McDonough did admit to staying at the llama farm with walker, but he did not admit to killing her.

Although according to court papers, he did tell someone in prison, "…well, the blood is on her own head because she wouldn't change her ways."

State police say Walker's remains were found on the llama farm, along with her clothing and McDonough's belongings.

Her remains were charred.

In prison, McDonough reportedly told someone he thought "…a bear may have got to her and ripped her up and the lightning burnt her."

And that "she is cured and in a better place."

McDonough is locked up in Pike County and is due back in court on July 11th.


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