Raising Money for Service Dog for Boy With Chronic Medical Condition

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SCRANTON -- A boy suffering from a chronic medical condition is getting some help from a fundraiser at in Scranton.

Chance Keeting, 7, has an illness that affects his esophagus -- making him allergic to most foods.

"The reason we need this allergen detecting service dog is due to him having Eosinophilic Esophagitis which only allows him 11 foods to eat. So, we are really trying to get this so Chance can be out in the community a lot more," said Jill Keeting, Chance’s mom. "Hopefully get into a school that will allow an allergen detection service dogs and just get him to where he can be a normal kid and not have to worry about touching everything and worrying about breaking into hives or going into anaphylactic shock.".

The day started with a 5K run/walk and included carriage rides and a karaoke contest to help raise money for that little boy's service dog here in Scranton.