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Students Work, Learn in School Garden

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DALLAS TOWNSHIP -- Elementary school students in Luzerne County were getting their hands dirty to get a better appreciation of how farmers grow their crops.

Students at Wycallis Elementary School are learning that if you want to grow some fresh food, you're going to have to dig deep.

"I didn't think there would be as many rocks in the ground and that we would have to come out here and prep everything," said fourth-grader Carolyn Comitz.

Students in every grade are growing everything from oregano to pumpkins at the new school garden which was made possible by a $5,000 grant from the Dallas Foundation.

"Kids don't get out enough. They don't play in the garden. They don't go outside enough to play. They're busy playing on their electronics, so it's really incredible to see them out here getting their hands dirty," said fourth-grade teacher Nicole Valkenburg.

Teachers hope this garden teaches them more about the foods they eat every day.

"They just go to the grocery store and they just see the product. They don't actually understand how it gets from seed to the grocery store, so it's really important for them to understand the process of that," said Valkenburg.

Students are going to be able to enjoy some of their hard work like potatoes, cucumbers, and squash at harvest later this year.

"Next time I go to the grocery store, I will be able to appreciate more of the food that we see at the grocery store because of all the farmer's hard work."

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