Man Who Claimed He Had Amnesia Found to be Lying to Police in Lycoming County

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WILLIAMSPORT -- It was all a hoax.

That's what police in Lycoming County are saying about the man who told officers he woke up yesterday with no recollection of who he was or how he ended up in Jersey Shore.

55 year old Michael Gebhart says he was desperate and made a bad choice, and now Friday afternoon he found himself in court for lying to police.

He told authorities that Thursday he decided he needed help -- after being homeless for the past six weeks. He said he was on his way to Jersey Shore when he came up with the plan to fake memory loss.

"What happened? I got in trouble," Gebhart said.

Gebhart showed up at a hospital in Jersey Shore claiming he had memory loss. The Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police spent nearly 10 hours trying to find out who he was and where his family lives.

"Tied me up," said Sergeant Brian Fioretti of the Tiadaghton Valley Regional Police. "The media was a big help with them in solving who he was. He had nowhere to go. He was desperate and that's what I explained to him. I mean there are other resources we could have used instead of what we did."

On his way to the courtroom, Newswatch 16 asked Gebhart if he lied.

"Yes, I have no place to go so I'm homeless..." he said.

After using all his savings, he found himself evicted from his house in Muncy. Gebhart has been staying at a hunting cabin in Tioga County for the past 6 weeks -- that is, until this past week.

"I was coming down Jersey Shore to see if I could get some help, and the idea came up for the hospital instead of police," Gebhart said. "I didn't think the police could help me, so..."

"I apologize for all the manpower that was wasted," he added.

Michael Gebhart is in jail, and his bail was set at $25,000 dollars.

He is charged with false reports to law enforcement.



  • SoreTruthache

    He has a roof over his head and 3 meals a day now on our, the taxpayers, expense. well played sir…

  • Nancy Caminsky

    He’s the wrong color if he was a blm Hc supporter they would give section 8 and free food for life it’s not a felon he could still vote for the dems.

    • Real American

      Since when does a felony, legally in the US or even alive stop someone from voting Democrat…

  • Katelyn

    When they first reported on this story, it was mentioned that family members came from out of state and were going to file a missing persons report. It sounds like he had people who cared about him. There are so many resources and programs to help people in situations like this – but sadly most of them don’t even know where to even begin. I hope in the future more effort is put forth into informing the public about the types of help available and where to go to receive it.

    • Bill K

      He broke the law. He filed false police reports. Not only that but he didn’t pay his rent. Now that landlord is out how many thousand dollars rent. He could have just said to someone at the hospital “hey, I’m outdoors now. Where can I at least get a room for the night?” and they’d have pointed him to the right people. Instead he tied up this cop’s day and who knows how many others trying to find out who he really is. No, this isn’t simply a cry for help. This is one more freeloader abusing the system. Now guess what? I’m gonna have to pay his room and board. I say give the guy a job raking leaves, cutting grass, picking up trash, scrubbing sidewalks, raking stones, hauling dirt in wheelbarrows. He should do something of some use to society rather than sit on a bed all day saying “oh woe is me I’m down on my luck and need help!” No sir, All this guy wants is a handout. I say tough. Give him his handout AFTER he does some work for it.

    • Smh

      I agree with you to a point, but obviously you are not watching any news but FOX news. There is a housing crisis right now, and its only looking worse. Rent is going up every where!

  • Bill K

    Yesterday I told you all this was BS and he knew who was all along. You all downvoted me. Looks like I was RIGHT!

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