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Man Accused of Performing Sex Acts on Underage Boy

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KINGSTON -- A man is locked up in Luzerne County, charged with corruption of minors among other charges.

Police say Alexander Walski Jr., 61, of Wilkes-Barre, performed sex acts on an underage boy beginning in 2016.

Investigators said Walski also provided the boy with drugs and alcohol, and he also had images of child porn on his cellphone.

Walski is locked up on $1 million cash bail.


  • Michael

    This guy needs honey smeared on his balls and to be tied to a tree in bear territory. Put up a surveillance camera and once the punishment is complete post it for all would be sexual predators to see what the punishment will be for their sick and twisted crime.

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    So why isn’t former Dupont cop David Turkos locked up on $1 million cash bail too? (Rhetorical question.)

  • think positive

    There is a never-ending stream of pedophiles. I wish the FBI could dry up that stream permanently. But that will never happen because the system is too lenient on these perverts.

    • i_see_creepers

      They’re only getting slightly better because of technology, raised awareness, and finally people less willing to cover up for their “loved-ones,” (puke chunks). But much should and could be done as punishment and maybe these creepers would think twice but i doubt it, They cannot control their depraved impulses; turned themselves over to the dark side.

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