Pet Store Helping Shelter Cats Get Adopted

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WILKES-BARRE -- It's National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, and one pet store was doing its part in Luzerne County.

Pet Supplies Plus on Scott Street in Wilkes-Barre is hosting adoptions throughout the month of June.

The goal is to help find forever homes for some of the more than 3 million cats that enter animal shelters every year.

"It's just great to bring the cats out into the public to get them socialized with individuals, get them socialized with other kittens and other cats, see how they would do in an environment with another pet," said Kimberly Scott of Exeter.

Last year, around 400 cats were adopted at Pet Supplies Plus stores around the country.


  • Nancy

    Hooray! More cats for everyone! I just adopted three and made them all outdoor cats. Hopefully they get socialized with other kittens and other cats and end up making more kittens for everyone!

    • Kimberly

      Well it is ignormant people and comments like this that hurt everyone especially the cats. Maybe someone should let you off in a strange place with no food and water and see how you handle things but I guess you don’t think about things like this because you just have no care for anyone but yourself. Hoping there is Karma for people like you. There is no excuse for not getting your animals fixed there are programs that help people fix their cats for $10, $15, $35, or $60. And $100 or $150 for dogs. But I’m sure you would spend that money on yourself instead of doing the responsible thing and fix your animals. By not fixing your cats it just creates the problem of euthanasia, poisoning, cats sufferings because they have been hit by a car, hurt by an animal, or another mean person. By I’m sure you don’t care. Maybe you should volunteer and maybe you would see things differently but I’m sure you won’t! People like you are sad.

  • JP

    How about STOP letting your cats run around loose all the time. We can’t let our dogs run loose or not cleaning up after them without receiving a fine . The laws should be for cats as well.

  • Viewer

    Those cats & kittens were so cute… I wish I could adopt… Never home enough, I don’t feel like I could give the attention deserved. :(

  • Kimberly Scott

    The staff at Pet Supply Plus was just wonderful and kind to myself and do helpful with the kittens I brought from the SPCA and Kathleen the one woman show with WNEP was just awesome she was so sweet and easy to talk to the interview felt like I was talking to a friend. Thank you for spreading the word and please remember to do your part spay and neuter your pet and help decreased pet population and euthanasia.

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