Search Warrant Shows Chilling Account of Weis Shooting from Sole Survivor

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EATON TOWNSHIP -- We are learning more about that terrifying night when a gunman opened fire in a grocery store, killing three co-workers before taking his own life.

Now, a search warrant shows a fifth co-worker managed to escape, and she gives a chilling account of what happened inside the Weis Market.

State police accuse Randy Stair of gunning down three of his co-workers inside the Weis Market near Tunkhannock before taking his own life, during an overnight shift Wednesday.

A search warrant shows a fifth co-worker managed to escape and call police.

Kristan Newell told troopers she was labeling products inside the store when she heard gunshots.

Turning, she saw Stair shoot one of the victims, Victoria Brong, who was lying on the floor.

Newell then told police that “Stair looked at her then walked away…” so “…she hid in the aisle for register 5, heard more shooting…” and “…then found a way to escape…”

She then “…exited the store and called 911…” and “…heard more gunshots while waiting for police to arrive…”

“I can't even imagine what she went through,” said Ron Kaskus from Tunkhannock. “I can't imagine just the bravery to get out of there and have the wherewithal to call the state police.”

In Tunkhannock, people say they can't fathom what was going through her mind.

“How can you imagine it? I can't imagine it,” said Jean Sick. “You know, she'll have to live with it forever and ever. That's sad, but she was spared, she was blessed.”

“It's almost like a monster movie. The monster's chasing you around and you can't get away from him, I imagine she was terrified,” said Kaskus.

“She's going to need counseling and she has to realize she has one heck of a guardian angel that kept her together and got her out,” said Kaskus’ wife, Donna.

At the home where Stair lived with his parents near Dallas, his father gave this statement:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families. We are so sorry for all the pain and loss of life this has caused everyone involved.”

“I've been praying for them because they're going to carry this load and it's not their fault but they're going to think it is for a while and it's so hard, bless them,” said Sick.

“This was their son, it's just a very bad situation everybody's in and you can't be mad at them because their son did that,” said Kaskus.

As the investigation continues, the memorial of flowers continues to grow outside Weis.

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  • Cindy

    Maybe she was nice to the guy. I’m not blaming the other victims at all but it’s always wise to stay on everyone’s good side. I’ve worked in stores with people who don’t seem quite right…it doesn’t take much to set someone off.

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