Man Charged After Holding First Responders At Gunpoint While They Assist His Father

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SUGARLOAF TOWNSHIP -- Sugarloaf Township Police say Charles Marcinko held an EMT at gunpoint inside his Tomhicken Road home early Friday morning in Sugarloaf Township near Hazleton.

Police say Valley Regional Fire and Rescue Company were responding to the home to take care of Charles Marcinko's 80-year old father.

That’s when Charles Marcinko came out of another room and pointed a handgun at the first responders.

When he lowered his weapon, the responders ran outside and called police.

When police arrived Charles Marcinko also threatened to kill anyone who came up the driveway.

Eventually police were able to enter the home and take Marcinko into custody without incident.

Police found high powered weapons, shotguns and thousands of rounds of ammunition. Those were taken for evidence.

Police tell Newswatch 16 that Charles Marcinko had been taken in for mental evaluations just a few months ago.

Marcinko has been charged with simple assault and terroristic threats.

He`s being held on $15,000 bail at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility


  • DJB

    Now this is a dude who should lose all of his weaponry. I’m a 2nd amendment supporter and owner of numerous guns. But anyone who has a history of mental issues or is arrested for something so over-the-top as holding EMTs at gunpoint while they were attending to his father—-well there is your clue. You might have a nutcase on your hands. Seize his guns NOW before he harms law enforcement, a neighbor, or the UPS man showing up at the door.

    • Givemeabreak

      Sounds like them not putting out the story doesn’t fit your hate filled agenda of generalizing all Muslims into one group. Sad, pathetic. Don’t you want to read about the story of the guy in Portland Jeremy Joseph Christian, who stabbed 3 in the neck including an Army vet after he went on a hate filled rant directed at two young Muslim girls. The men including the Army vet came to their defense.
      Stop spreading hate.

      • Givemeabreak

        Another low information voter. 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. 3 go crazy the other day now the others are all bad. You are so blinded by hate, racism and fear you can’t even be reached by logic or common sense. I won’t even get into the crusades or how many people us Christians have killed in wars we started or bombs we dropped on civilians heads. Doesn’t mean all of us a war mongering Americans.
        Stop the hate.

      • yea i said that!

        Gimmeabreak, please convert to Muzzyism. You’re making us pure Christians look bad and I don’t appreciate it. They gotta have a suicide belt laying around somewhere you can try on.

  • Jayish

    Speaking of Frackville, last time they had a standoff this West Grubb guy did a good job of talking someone out or their house

    • soiled bvds r us

      He does look like a Frackville pedo street roamer. I can’t quite tell with just a mugshot. I can’t see if he’s wearing a fire company T-shirt along with the classic skin tight soiled jogging pants with thigh high socks. The roamers also have a special attraction to velcro sneakers.

  • Seriously?

    15k bail?! Wth is wrong with this county. Should be way higher than that. This man is obviously deranged and dangerous.

  • Tom

    Taken for mental evaluation a few months ago yet the rifles, shotguns and handguns remained? Where was the mental evaluation when he was acquiring his arsenal?

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    High powered rifles, shotguns and thousands of rounds of ammunition?


    Sounds like 95% of the homes in the commonwealth.

    Minus the nutjob of course.

    • vince foster

      Gimmeabreak- This guy only threatened people with guns, Bill and Hillary are responsible for at least 51 deaths throughout their criminal career. If they didn’t kill me it would only be 50 deaths.

    • Know class

      And absolutely no gang-bangers or thugs voted for Hillary. They’re all yours, own that. Oh, I forgot, you’re an independent – AKA someone that will always lose despite their delusions that they are winning. Who’s the nut-job?

    • Eyes gotsta vote fo bama

      So out of all the killings in Chicago over the last several years, how many of those trigger-happy thugs also pulled the trigger for Obama? See, works both ways. He’s the President, own it (or please move like all the other sore losers said they would, but then don’t have the fortitude to follow through). The only difference between you and Charles here is he proved himself to be unstable and you… Nevermind…

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