Roadwork on Route 611 Taking Toll on Businesses in the Poconos

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POCONO TOWNSHIP -- Roadwork being done on Route 611 near Mount Pocono is causing major headaches for businesses in the area and it isn't ending anytime soon.

According to PennDOT officials, the project is expected to take about three years to complete. That news is concerning to some business owners.

The project began in March and since then, it's been causing issues for many businesses because it's hard for drivers to see which parking lots they can turn into.

Hundred of barriers line Route 611 near Mount Pocono. The maze of orange is part of a $12 million  major road reconstruction project.

Several business owners we spoke with are concerned what the road work might do to business, especially with tourist season basically underway.

Robert Grimaldi owns Hickory Valley Farm restaurant in Pocono Township. He had an employee wave an "open" flag outside the place to let people know they are still cooking.

Grimaldi has seen a decline in sales since the project started in March.

"It's ultimately going to be a good project when it's done, but to bare it and be down 30 percent since it started, it's going to hurt," said Grimaldi.

PennDOT officials say the project will create new traffic lanes between Great Wolf Lodge and near Sanofi Pastuer. There will be new center and left-hand turning lanes, a new bridge, and new water lines.

James Azzaro is the manager at Corona Butcher. He says the improvements are needed, but it's coming at a cost to his butcher shop.

"I have people calling me every day. 'Are you guys open? Are you closed? Can I get in? Can I pull out' So it's been hectic, but we have to fight it out," Azzaro said.

At Pocono Cheesecake Factory, managers say it's been the slowest month of May on record for business.

"It is quite difficult today especially because they are taking up about three quarters, but there is a section you can pull into. So people just keep your eyes out. Slow down. You can get in. We promise we are here 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day," said assistant manager Jeremy Johnson.

A few business owners have requested for signs to be put up by PennDOT to let people know they are open. The hope is for those to go up soon.

The entire project is expected to be done by June 2020.


  • Lance

    If it takes years you know penndot will still do a crappy job so it will be dug up again six months later. I realize that brains and penndot dont necessary see eye to eye but how aboit night work sp the project can be done in half the time

  • anna

    This crappy area is always inconveniencing people…..they do a cheap job that is only going to call for more BS “roadwork” a few months from completion….3 years to complete….joke!

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