Speaker Reminds Crowd What Memorial Day Is All About 

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DANVILLE -- Danville's annual Memorial Day service is usually held at the community's veteran's memorial, but this year because of rain, the event was moved inside to Danville Area Middle School.

That did not stop a large group of people from showing up.

"This is the first time in nine years that we've had to move it from the park to the middle school," said Doug Resseguie, Montour County director of veterans affairs.

Even though the ceremony was held in a different location this year, the veterans tell Newswatch 16 they're really happy with the amount of people who showed up.

"It's just a total, awe-inspiring honor and a pleasure to know that we have that much backing," said Grant Fritz, Vietnam veteran.

The event had all the elements of a Memorial Day ceremony, including the sounding of taps and a rifle salute, but the ceremony's keynote speaker, Corporal Shane Fausey of Watsontown, made it special. The Army veteran had a special message.

"It's not about the veterans who are still here today. It's our job as veterans to remind everybody what Memorial Day really means," Fausey said.

"It's a day of remembering those who fought for us and died for us," said Fritz.

Fausey asked people to stand up and say the names of people they know who died in combat.

"It's part of remembering somebody. You never truly lose someone if someone is saying their name," Fausey added.

People in the crowd were emotional. Remembering the men and women who lost their lives fighting for our freedom.