Ceremony in Scranton Bonds Generations of Service Members

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SCRANTON -- Since the 1940s, the city of Scranton, its veterans, and citizens have marked Memorial Day with a ceremony in Nay Aug Park.

The wail of bagpipes, the presentation of a wreath, the sharp sound of rifles firing, some people in the crowd have been coming here as long as they can remember.

"People think of Memorial Day as a three-day weekend of barbecues, but in my heart, it's the memory of soldiers, airmen, Marines that have been killed in action overseas," said Frank Baux of Scranton.

For others like Yeoman Second Class Peter Howey, it's their first time. The modern day Naval reservist from Scranton just met a World War II airman and found a strong connection.

"It's inspiring to see someone young in the service because we all had to go when we were young so here we are. I am proud to meet him," said Joe Orlowski, WWII veteran.

"He may have served in a different war than me, but we still served. That brings us together. We are like family," said Howey.

"I'm going to be 90 years old, so I mean it's a long journey, and I am glad I am still here, and I am proud of a man like him," said Orlowski.

It's that pride which makes men from different times and places feel like brothers.