Victim Named in Homicide Case in Schuylkill County

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FRACKVILLE -- Authorities in Schuylkill County have identified the man who police say was shot to death inside a home along North 3rd Street in Frackville last week.

According to police, the victim is Todd Swantek, 49.  Swantek lived in the home where he was found dead Wednesday evening.

Investigators ruled the death a homicide on Saturday.

Police in Schuylkill County have not said if there are any suspects.


  • The udder1

    See what happens when you use drugs kids. 4th grade field trip to frackville will scare them straight… then to make it sure registered the 5th grade goes to shendo.

  • Miltysoren

    Sounds like sloppy work. If they were going to leave the body you’d think the hitter would make it look like a suicide. But, maybe it was affairs of a perverted nature being that it occurred in Frackville.

  • Fritzy

    Must have a good idea on the suspect. Prolly narc’d on someone. The demise of an informer? Otherwise the cops wouldnt be so soon to say it wasn’t random/no threat to the public. Or it was just some sex triangle gone awry. Never know when it comes to the land called Frackville.

  • Longgreysocks

    Wfmz in Allentown released the victim name 5 days ago. Strange channel of communications in these parts. Must of been leaks in the investigation . As far as my search for long grey socks, tepid at best. With bon tons demise only hope is a row home yard sale on Wylam Street.

  • Gons

    Any word about the brawl at kindergarten 🎓 at nearby north skool That was epic. That young administrator said keep it outside ten times in interview, now look what happens when you keep it outside in frackville.

    • Porcupine Pat

      That kid dressed like a flag was an administrator? A fight at Kindergarden graduation, an assistant principle getting a beatdown, what’s next? Sounds like the administrators are in over their heads. Might need to clean house.

  • Whippy

    Didnt anyone hear the gun shots? Guess this was over drugs or a crime of passion. Still think someone had to be walking by when shots fired.

  • Jimbob462

    I used to rent videos from some store that burned down years ago. Sold baseball cards too. Used to see an odd fellow in really high white socks and pretty short shorts standing around those streets.

  • Paco

    Wasn’t this the same town a guy was killed with deer antlers a year or so ago, seems like a crazy small town.

    • i remember that day

      Yes, the guy was chewing on a bloated deer carcus one hot July evening last year just off I81 when the point of the eyeguard penetrated his brain via his eyesocket. It was an unfortunate incident but it was a Godsent for the 2nd roamer who strolled upon the carnage and discovered he had scored two feasts in one hunt.

      • Raider

        It was actullay a penile prosthetic. The media changed it to deer antler as some sort of sex joke amogst news stations.

  • sasquatch

    A place best to avoid unless you really want to show the kids what knuckle dragging troglodytes look like…..

  • Raider

    I was just in Frackville and some guy was running through traffic. Was that one of these roamers i read about?

    • living the frackville nightmare

      Was he running in uneven strides? They like to wear fire company shirts and skin tight jogging pants. Sometimes the thigh high socks will also appear as jogging pants. Was he yelling jibberish phrases about perogies and mystical encounters in the vo-tech woods? If so, then yes, you have definetly encountered one of Frackville’s street roaming pedo lurches. Do not approach! Simply throw them some condoms and skittles and beat feet!

  • hg3300

    Well, I can see how “mature” WNEP viewers are. Do any of you actually live in Schuylkill County? Then kindly shut your pie holes!

    • Longgreysocks

      I live there it’s a great place, mountain laurels, cheap busch cans, small school high school sports and coal banks. I’m jamming to def leopard as we speak in my garage in the alley. Block party later after picking up my grey socks up the soon to be closed mall.

    • Caesar

      HG, can you explain the people roaming the streets there? Are they sex offenders or what? Is something going wrong with that area?

    • LP

      I border th Skook and hear these wild tales all to often. Weather we live there or not, the inhabitants make the town what it is. And on here, its a joke

      • Sal

        Rumor has it that one of these deviant roamers is deeply connected and thats why everyone just looks the other way.

      • LP

        good old coal region politics at play. And that now includes some shady and illegal activities these days. The Good ol’Boys Club has no problems either.

      • Sal

        It goes way higher than like when Duke Tomko was mayor. Prolly state higher ups don’t you think?

  • TJbart

    Yes sir, Frackville depended on the Howard Street. It continues to spiral out of control. When are we as a state going to finally start talking about ending that town?

  • wasteland

    Frackville must be a real weak town if it losses one street to fire and ends up like this. It sounds to me like a Centralia style revitalization project is in store for this dump. The town needs to be put out of it’s misery.

    • pot smoker

      He’s too busy with the neighbors to the north , Scranton, Wilkesbarre and Nanicoke , Keeping them in state supplied drugs and jails to bother with Frackville.

  • Wolfman

    Frackville hasn’t been the same since Howard street burned to the ground. Also gonna miss the mall but I haven’t went up there since DE Jones closed in 2002.

  • Aloicious

    Maybe SEDCO can get a Chikfila back to the area for revitalization purposes. Help the screwballs out. SEDCO…Hahahahaha

  • LP

    Mix the uneducated masses, drugs and poor lifestyles and this is what you get. Ride on over to Shamokin and its just as wild!

  • coal crackers

    What is going on in that Skuyllkill county for Heaven’s sake? Is the mixture of coal acid water in the Yuengling rotting these people’s brains or something?

  • Don juan

    Great Work catching the fleet footed Frackville bank robber !! He left his cell phone in the woods near the bank. This Frackville murder should be solved soon, low iqs in these parts. I wouldn’t expect it too be too hard to solve. Does anyone know how I could obtain a frackville relocation package online? I am looking to relocate here.

  • BlockPartydouche

    Lots of angry people in that area . Pissed off about living with one another. Cant blame them. Low IQs.

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