Landscaping Company Uses Eco-Friendly Equipment

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SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP -- The riding mowers just looks like your typical piece of lawn equipment. But if you take a closer look, you'll see it's being run by a propane-powered engine.

It's all part of a green initiative put in place by the owner of Strauser Nature's Helpers.

"We are looked at as the stewards in making things green and planting trees and helping make the environment better and but I don't think we do that good of a job as an industry and I think this is one way and one step, one thing we are doing to help with that," said Zechari Strauser, Strauser Nature's Helpers owner.

Zechari Strauser says he started making the transition from traditional gasoline-powered machinery to propane-powered and battery-powered equipment about two years ago.

Many of his landscapers use the propane riding mowers and battery-powered weed whackers.

"It's much quieter so that is one benefit, lower amounts of oil and gasoline spilled, it's very smooth and less vibration, and the clients love it, too, for the same reasons," said Strauser.

"We are trying new things with our company, doing our best to go green for the environment," said Chris Miller, maintenance foreman.

Almost all of the equipment used at Strauser Nature's Helpers runs on green technology and the hope is to continue it and maybe even save some green along the way.

Strauser says it might take some time, but a 10 percent to15 percent savings in cost and maintenance is expected.

"Even if it comes out to be a wash, we think it's a win because we are helping maybe lessen our carbon footprint by 70 percent to 80 percent, so I think that is the first cost savings we will call it," said Strauser.

The owner says the next step is to look into solar equipment.

Strauser Nature's Helpers is located in East Stroudsburg.


  • truck driver

    All the fires set at the Berkley riots were carbon free and eco-friendly also. Of course if there were tax-payer funds to “subsidize” this “green-religion” WNEP would include that information, cough, cough.

  • sc

    eco-friendly landscaping ??!! Are humans seriously that dumb? The act of scaping the land itself disrupts the established ecology. We’ll make great pets!

    • WarningFakeNews

      Great point. It’s like the ethanol thing. Now that they have farmers hooked on the income, the folks in government have ignored the fact that ethanol produces more smog, is made by burning fossil fuels on the farm, has less available energy per gallon than gasoline, corrodes engines faster, and the list goes on and on. None of that matters, the hoax of “clean energy” must not be disturbed.

      • sc

        funny thing i want to share: i saw a car with all the “im superior” stickers on it like the (COEXIST, Love ot War, Peace) but it also had the christion symbol of a fish ( with antenna, landing gear and eyes like an alien )… so much for coexistance, huh?

  • WarningFakeNews

    If the claims here were true, market forces would propel the move to propane. What’s interesting about all those people pushing reducing our carbon footprint at environmental summits is they are some of the most outrageous polluters with their private jets and limos, yet that doesn’t get any press in the mainstream media. It’s a hoax.

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