Sheriff’s Deputy Accused of Assaulting Girlfriend

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SCRANTON -- A Lackawanna County sheriff's deputy is facing a number of charges for allegedly beating his girlfriend.

Jerome Passariello of Scranton is accused of punching the woman in the head and stomach and trying to strangle her with her shirt while she was driving Sunday night.

The Lackawanna County sheriff says Passariello, who has been a deputy since 2005, is on paid administrative leave.

Passariello faces charges including strangulation, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, terroristic threats, and harassment.


  • Peggy

    I think every woman that ever dated him should show up at the court the day of the hearing. Shame on this pig! They have been doing this crap for years! Daddy Is good friends with the mayor. How do you think they got them jobs? They are punks! The other brother was a sheriff too, I believe he lost his job for something similar. Shame one them. It was and always will be a screwed up family. Sick sick people for sure all of them.

  • West side girl

    I’m reading comments about this. And I’m seeing this people have so major issues. And then I see other people bashing there family.members. That have nothing to do with this. People with the same name or family members. Don’t make them bad people. They aren’t involved with this abuse case. Yes I said abuse case. He could of killed her, and she’s lucky this time next time she might night be safe. Or any other women. So let’s get scumbags off the streets. Cuz this could be your son or daughter. And reading these comments . Slandering is a crime. So dot your I’m and cross your T’s because your name or picture can be on the news.

    • J

      Have u lost ur mind!! Anyone that knows this family knows this is NOT an isolated incident!! This is a trend of years of getting away with BS!!
      For u to ait and say the family has nothing to do with this is obsurd!! These parents raised “entitled neadrothols ” who have felt above the law since highschool!! The only people I feel sorry for is his spouse…his poor daughter…and any future woman he comes into contact with!!

  • donna

    Yep, that’s them. I recognized them from local bars! Always drinking and drinking too much! Acting like fools! They think they are untouchable. The sister is always dressed inappropriately.

  • think positive

    Any woman who dates him from here on in is just asking for trouble. Only total losers with delicate egos beat up on women.

  • Black cookie

    This family is a bunch of looney bins!! My friend dated him and he did the same thing to her. Justice needs to be done. I would like to know who this family knows that they Always get away with it. They are all crazy criminals!

  • Ruth

    I used to live near this family when I was a west side resident! The fighting that would come from this house was unbelievable. I can honestly say I’m not surprised about this. They are trash.

    • CeeMe

      Well, that explains where and how he learned to deal with his emotions and anger. Violence begets violence.

  • Susan B

    Jerome and his brother are bad news! They have been hitting woman for years with no consequences! They are truly sick! The father has pulls in Scranton some how. I hope this girl gets justice. Jerome and his brother along with the sister are big drunks and coke heads! I hope the pig does jail time.

  • J

    Dude is a piece of garbage and always has been!! Typical West Side cronies who were given thier position due to thier “corrupt ” buddies Bri g in position of authority!!
    We wonder why Scranton is going down the tubes….because the city is being ran by the same clowns that use to be jerk offs in high school!!

    • bonnie

      Really!!! U have no idea who I am. U don’t know me. I’m sick of people making false comments about my brother. He has NOTHING to do with this. It’s a shame that people don’t know how to read. The first names are completely different. We might have the same last name . But that’s it. Before writing stupid comments get your facts straght. We might be related. BUT 2 different families.

    • Rock

      Yo ! Tough guy. Do you realize your a punk. Talking to someone like that. Everyone the right to comment. And your comments make u sounds like a complete ass. Grow up dude. Sounds like you abuse women. Tough guy.

    • Anonymous

      The sister is just has bad! She has been around, if you know what I mean! She is a home wrecker now dates a old man for his money! That family is nuts especially the father!

    • nycoccet

      The radio said over 20 Punches thrown and there was blood and blonde hair all over the car.

  • D H

    Jerome has been abusing women/girlfriends since he’s 13yo. Repeating the same vicious cycle of his father. The whole family is mentally unstable. He belongs IN JAIL!!!

  • Jill

    This as absolutely nothing at all to do with Bobby Passariello! Shame on you for trying to bring a decent guy and his business into this!! Your a coward why don’t you use your real name to make a post!

  • Angela

    If you can’t please a woman, you don’t punch her in the face, you look for a woman with lower standards.

  • the fleecing of scranton

    What the hell is going on in Scranton? There’san FBI office right in town that should be investigating all this local law enforcement corruption and they’re not. Why not? Why isn’t this being addressed at the city meetings?

  • Tara

    Why in the world is he on paid leave? That’s ludacris! It’s sending him the message that he gets paid time off for almost killing his girlfriend. This is crazy. Our tax dollars are paying for this, what is wrong with this county!

  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    What a genius, attacking her in the first place let alone while she’s driving. How about adding risking a catastrophe to the list of charges against him?


    Hear comes the awaiting moderation !!! Must be a family member that didn’t like the comment lol !!!!

    • pa. border patrol

      Ramen noodles- We can’t deport him. He’s a legal Italian American. You keep confusing these guys with the illegal, murdering, drug dealing Mexicans. Try again tomorrow.

      • BP sanitation for lyfe

        If you are from the area and grew up with these clowns, you’d know they are a classic example of west side chumps.
        They partied, sold drugs, crashed drunk, beat girls, got beat up at St Patrick’s day parade. This is typical behavior in the area, just like so called Rep. Marty. If you are an ass kisser, you’re reward is to become a cop, guard, or similar hand out to watch the other good ol boys back. It just sucks when they let you hang and hopefully he goes upstate like any other criminal.

      • Artie

        Looks like someone is bitter, perhaps got picked on by these people or denied employment?

      • Bob Passariello

        Hey bp sanitation for lyfe why r u bringing me into this shit.i don’t even talk to this part of my family keep yr mouth shut when it comes to me.Dont hide on yr computer.And stop using my company name

      • Bonnie

        Understand this. My side of the family has nothing to do with this. And bring up my brother’s name is completely ridiculous. Sitting behind a computer, and pointing the finger at the wrong side of the family. If u guys have a problem with them . Tell them about it. BP Sanitation is a family owned family business. We are not with them. THANK GOD.. my side of the family is a good family. Whatever they do is all on them. So stop bashing my brother on social media. He has nothing to do with this.

      • Jd

        Tomtom? What the hell are you talking about? Tell me what Bobby And Bonnie have to do with this??? They are not involved in this story nor are the guilty of anything! I think you should find something better to do with your time.

      • Bonnie

        Are u threatening me ??? Why don’t u put our name down TomTom .really. like I said myself and my brother isn’t involved with that family… If u know so much maybe u would know that. So get your head out of your ass and stop commenting. This is what’s wrong with the world people like u, like to run your mouth and have no clue what’s going on. And honestly what my cousin did is NOT my business… U have a pretty big set of balls behind your computer.

  • Dave

    He was charged in 2014 for something similiar…this POS likes to put his hands of women thats for sure!

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