Thousands Remain without Power in Bradford County

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STANDING STONE TOWNSHIP -- Two days after strong storms ripped through much of our area, there are still around 10,000 homes and businesses without power. Many are scattered all over Bradford County.

The damage in Bradford County is still quite noticeable. At first glance, you'd think Rodney Kithcart's mother's home was one of the lucky ones until you walk around to the back of this house near Towanda.

"We just had the house redone and the siding redone after the last hail damage so luckily she wasn't here. Nobody was here," said Kithcart.

Kithcart is one of several thousand homes plenty of pockets of people still without power after that storm.

Utility crews were out and about doing what they could, dealing with so many small outages scattered across the county.

For people like Diane Bailey in Standing Stone Township, it's a waiting game, waiting not only to see how long it takes to get power back, but how long it takes for her to be able to safely make her way back into her driveway.

Bailey doesn't know how long exactly she'll be without power but knows she'll be grateful when it finally comes back.

"Things that you daily need with water and stuff and power it's just a convenience that you take for granted," said Bailey.

Some crews estimate power could be restored by Thursday at 8 p.m. while others say it could be longer.

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