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Storm Knocks Out Power in Susquehanna County

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HALLSTEAD -- Monday night's strong winds in Susquehanna County knocked out power possibly for days.

Pine Street in Hallstead was shut down hard by the storm. Two power transformers were toppled, utility poles splintered and snapped, and a tree tangled up in power lines.

"We heard a loud noise, ran to the basement. Thought it was a tornado. We were in the basement for about 20 minutes. We came upstairs and were shocked to see it was a tree down. Grateful house and cars were not damaged," said Sheila Marriott.

Marriott couldn't get to work after the powerful storm swept through. She and her neighbors now wait for crews to remove the mess and for the power to come back on. That includes Craig Brown, who needs oxygen from a machine at home.

"Power's out so I have to run off tanks. Carry around tanks, so you know I'll have to go get more because the power's not coming on," he said.

Generators hummed outside businesses near Great Bend including Blue Stone Pizza waiting to reopen as soon as the power is back on.

"We are trying to keep everything cold so we don't lose any more than we absolutely have to," said owner Skip Collins. "We'll be throwing some product out I'm sure plus the loss of business."

A short drive away, folks in Susquehanna Borough were also in the dark, businesses forced to close and the hospital running on generator power after the storm.

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