Police: Credit Card Skimming Devices Found at Two More Gas Stations in Schuylkill County

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COALDALE -- Police in two communities in Schuylkill County say more skimming devices were found on credit card readers at gas stations.

Those skimming devices are used to copy card information and allow thieves to access bank accounts.

Coaldale police say a credit card skimming device was found inside a gas pump at Pappy’s Mini Mart on Water Street. The device was discovered by a company servicing the pumps Friday. The Coaldale police chief says it was actually hidden inside the pump and not visible from the outside.

Now, the chief wants anyone who paid with a card at Pappy’s to check their bank accounts since the device copies credit card information.

“You got to wonder how the heck they’re getting inside them without anybody seeing it,” said Steve Karpa of Coaldale.

“It makes everybody nervous because it’s our hard-earned money that’s being stolen from thieves,” said Wayne Stevens of Coaldale.

“I think it’s pathetic. I think instead of stealing money, people should get out and get a job,” said Alex Redclift of Coaldale.

McAdoo police say another skimming device was found at Fegley’s Gas Station on Kennedy Drive on Saturday.

People say there’s really no way to guard yourself from getting scammed aside from using cash.

“There should be some precautions that you take, but I know I personally don’t,” said Ryan Hartman from Nanticoke. “I’m kind of careless with it.”

“They should have the cameras, should be catching people. They put more cameras up,” said Jerry Kohler of McAdoo.

Saint Clair police say a surveillance camera caught a person who they believe left two skimming devices inside the pumps at the Exxon Gas Station on Route 61.

The devices were found on April 19however the picture was taken on April 7.

“Down in Saint Clair, my buddy at work, it happened to him. He got hit with that and now I’m kind of watching,” said Kohler.

“I have things on my bank accounts that give me alerts when something’s going on that’s out of the ordinary. I get notifications,” said Karpa.

Police are asking if anyone has information in any of the skimming cases to give them a call.


  • magicmikexxsm

    This has to be an inside job…..these devices have to put on the inside of the pump, meaning you have to open up the pump front, everybody has video these days of their pumps, someone would have seen them open these pumps…..something is fishy here…

  • mickmars

    Do like the Middle East does. If you get caught stealing red handed, you lose that hand. Bet that’d slow down the crime rate in a hurry….

  • McCracken

    Do not use debit cards, at the pump. They do not offer the same consumer protections, as a credit card.

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