Nikki’s at the Ben-Mar: Chicken a la Nikki

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This historic building in Carbondale housed offices of the D and H Railroad from 1927-1960.  It then became home to Ben-Mar Restaurant in the 60's and continues to be one of Carbondale's most popular places to dine...Nikki's at Ben Mar. Chef Dominic prepares his signature dish, Chicken a la Nikki, named after his son.  Chef Dominic of Nikki's at Ben-Mar will be a featured chef at the fundraiser for The Women's Resource Center at Great Chef's 27 Fire and Ice.

Chicken A La Nikki
Chef Dominic Zazzara
6 oz chicken tenders clipped and floured,
salt and pepper to taste,
1oz.fresh chopped Italian parsley,
1oz.fresh basil,julian,
1oz.fresh chopped garlic,
2oz.julian sun-dried tomatoes
3oz.fresh chopped Kale,
2oz.pecocino Romano grated cheese,
1oz Asiago cheese
3oz.chicken broth,
6oz cooked Penne Pasta.
Heat oil,add floured chicken tenders, when chicken is cooked add garlic, parsley and basil.   Cook till brown, add Pino cook out alcohol add kale sun-dried tomatoes chicken broth then add Penne Pasta toss with Romano,plate, top with Asiago cheese.