Teenager Sentenced to Prison for Attack on Elderly Woman

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HONESDALE -- The teenager accused of sexually assaulting an 83-year-old woman in her own home will spend a long time in prison.

A judge in Wayne County sentenced Azaiah Williams, 17, from Tobyhanna, Thursday morning to 25 to 50 years behind bars.

Williams was only 15 in 2015 when he asked to use the woman's phone at her home near Newfoundland, then forced his way in, stabbed her, and sexually assaulted her.

The attack left the woman in a medically induced coma and she is still recovering.

"This is a type of crime that is above and beyond all unforgivable," said Wayne County District Attorney Janine Edwards.

In 2015, Williams was knocking on random doors around this neighborhood. He knocked on the elderly woman's door asking to use a phone and then forced his way inside.

After stabbing and raping the 83-year-old woman, Williams then took off with her credit cards.

In court, her family member said that Williams basically killed her.

"Her whole family has been so supportive and her nephew clarified it today when he said, 'you took somebody who could handle everything for herself to someone who needs someone for everything,'" said Edwards.

Williams was caught six days later after relatives found the elderly woman's credit card and called state police.

"Violent, aggressive in nature, left her for dead after assaulting her and then not turning himself in but being found out and caught, so there was no remorse," the D.A. added.

David Dimartino lives just down the street from the stabbing and remembers police looking for information. He is relieved that Williams is going to spend time behind bars.

"I hope that the perpetrator really gets what he deserves. Justice has to be served and how do you explain something like that?"

In court, Williams said he was sorry for what he did.

The victim has returned home but is still recovering.

He pleaded guilty in December.


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