Local Support of Afghanistan Bombing

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WAYNE COUNTY -- The United States military dropped a 30 foot, 21-thousand pound bomb nicknamed the 'Mother of All Bombs' on an ISIS terrorist complex in Afghanistan.

President Trump called it another "success."

"I believe that it's probably a really good thing because I support trump anyway. Anything to deal with ISIS, to get rid of them, that's a good thing," said Ray Frank of Hawley.

During his campaign stops, Trump promised to wipe out ISIS.

Many who voted for him say that's just what he's doing.

"It's nice to have a president that's going to back up what he says for once. A lot of people are protesting because he's trump, everybody doesn't like him but some people do. He says what he's going to do and he does what he does,” said Richard Rollison of Honesdale. 

There are indeed protests against the bombing.

Some people were arrested inside Trump Tower in New York City.

On the WNEP Facebook page, one person posted:

“Well, I just worry that they will retaliate in some way. And I am sure they will find a way."

Another wrote, "Remember when boots hit the ground, it will be your children, not those who initiated war."

"They need to wake up, they need to wake up, he's doing what he said he was gonna do,” said Debbie Austin of Hawley.



  • Mary K

    Well done Mr President no pay off’s no con jobs just hit them and hit them till they submit well done!


    First boots on the ground. Everyone who voted for this idiot. Can I have your golf clubs, car, wife, home…??????

  • Liberal stupidity is frightening

    Well Anne, please enlighten President Trump with your solution and I don’t think he’s interested in your burying our head in the sand strategy.

    • Smh

      All and only his supporters should be drafted into the military for WWIII. There would be peace and quiet in this area for once. It would be a very SMALL military though! So sick of you over sensitive conservatives!

  • susquehannarambler2

    I am so very sad to hear all the support for a bombing and escalation in the Middle East. Intensifying the descent into World War 3 is a tragic failure of diplomacy that will cost so many lives. It is also an invitation for retaliation that will cost the lives of many innocent people and possibly even here at home. Surely we could have done better than this.We have endangered many more innocent children with the phony excuse of care for children. We care very little for children here and abroad. Are our egos really so fragile that we need to sacrifice so many innocents?
    Anne Ryan, Susquehanna, PA

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