Former Judge, D.A. Facing DUI Charge

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SUNBURY — A former Northumberland County judge and longtime district attorney could face DUI charges.

State police say Anthony Rosini, 67, of Sunbury was stopped around 8:30 p.m. Sunday for a traffic violation near Shamokin.

Troopers report he was under the influence of alcohol.

Charges are pending the results of a blood test.

Rosini served as a Northumberland County judge from July 2014 to January 2016. He also served for more than 18 years as district attorney in Northumberland County from January 1996 to June 2014.


  • Chuck Pensyl

    Judge Rosini is a good and descent man, he has literally given his life to Law Enforcement in Northumberland County when he could have made much more money in private practice. I am a police officer and have worked many, many cases with Judge Rosini as a District Attorney. I have been with him socially and at work and he has NEVER abused or distorted the system in any way. He has always treated everyone with respect, both defendant and prosecution and has done multitudes for Law Enforcement and Justice for all. Everyone deserves a second chance, even Judges, don’t be so hasty to run a good man up the flagpole that made one mistake in his life until you’ve seen his life of dedicated service. God Bless You Tony Rosini! Northumberland County and Pennsylvania is a better place to live thanks to your selfless life of service! How many Democrats do you ever see appointed to a Judgeship by a Republican Governor? That in itself speaks volumes, and he’s the only Democrat that I ever voted for!

  • Chuck

    It’s just a matter of time…..I would wager this guy has a history of this. I wonder how many DUI’s he prosecuted or presided over?

  • lookback

    Come on, everyone knows what will happen, a slap on the wrist or some oddball reason and the charges will be dropped, this is PA, equal justice died a long time ago.

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