Charges Filed Against Woman Who Tried to Sell Access Card

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WILLIAMSPORT -- A Lycoming County woman is facing multiple charges after attempting to sell her SNAP benefits on a Facebook page, according to state investigators.

The Office of the Inspector General has charged Tanya Keenan-Mack, 37, of Williamsport with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) trafficking and access device fraud after she made a post to social media attempting to sell her benefits in exchange for drugs.

The charges, as outlined by the Inspector General, allege that last month "Keenan-Mack exchanged $194 in SNAP benefits on her Electronic Benefit Transfer Access (EBT) Card for heroin. The SNAP benefits were withdrawn at a Weis Markets and a Walmart last month."

That social media post was shared hundreds of times.

The preliminary hearing for Keenan-Mack's charges will be held April 4 in Williamsport.


  • sharlene malin

    For gods sake. She broke the law and should therefore be punished for it. The amount doesn’t matter. And if she has kids what is she going to feed them now that she bought drugs instead of food. And she’s also keeping the dealers in business. Bottom line is if she abuses the system she needs to pay the price.

    • Just a girl

      Me too schmuko. Considering all the problems this country has 200 offenses are a joke. Read the customs border patrol report. Just Friday some guy from Washington state tried to smuggle 163,000 in cash to Mexico. Why would someone do that and where did that money come from? I’d be worried about that not some chick selling her access card for 100 bucks. Perspective is what’s needed here.

      • Lloyd Schmucatelli

        No, you see, I don’t even care about someone smuggling money into Mexico. It doesn’t affect my life.

  • sophy

    Ive heard of someone selling his Access card to get money for drugs!!!! Unreal!!!!! I will be reporting him to the welfare fraud office!

  • roberto

    About time. How about our legislators cutting the payments and requiring better documentation. This is widespread, especially in luzerne county. Fake id’s, multiple access cards rampant. Lets start holding elected officials accountable.

  • April

    Scum like Jenny and this woman listed in the article should be cut off from all and any public welfare. Even thinking that this money is owed or entitled to people like this is part of the reason society is the way it is. No job, have a ton of kids that you can’t or don’t want to support and then hooked on dope. If you have public housing, free utilities and food stamps it leaves little that you would need actual cash for. Gas for a car? How are you affording this car and if you are a gas card with very little money on it. This way there is no drug running to Philly or New York or New Jersey. If you have no job you have no money to travel on vacation. Toiletries and house hold items how about support in the form of a check like wic does. Clothing really no need for anything brand new seeing you have no job to go to and look present able. Give these Dirtbags a reason to have to work for their money like I do.

    • Just a girl

      How about this April. How about we just give them the cash and get rid of food stamps altogether. Then our welfare system won’t be manufacturing criminals. And we won’t be wasting our tax dollars chasing people around for 200 dollar offenses.

      • Sara

        How about they stop accepting free money. It’s given to them by the government aka all of us that work. If she doesn’t want to use it for what it’s for then she doesn’t deserve the help!!

  • Just a girl

    This is nothing new. Lots of food stamp refuggees sell their stamps. They don’t need them. They go to the soup kitchens to eat and the food pantries for food. They use the cash to buy other things. Like cigarettes, booze and drugs. If all of them were arrested we’d need another jail! I say leave these people alone it’s like picking low hanging fruit. Get the people that are really causing problems. Like that Elmer guy who just got sentenced to 7 years in prison for dealing drugs , fire arms and what not at the Luzerne county jail. Go after drug dealers that are like parasites on society. Go after corrupt politcians like cordaro and Munchek. Go after those people.

    • Sara

      The people who do things like this are also parasites that are literally draining this country and it’s sick that we let it happen.

      • Just a girl

        Sara, life is short…the people sucking this country dry are in Washington, D.C. Who cares about 200 bucks. Maybe this woman can’t get into a treatment program, maybe she’s nuts and needs meds. Maybe her life sucks so much she doesn’t care if she wakes up tomorrow. Being on welfare is no party. Everyone makes it sound like they got it made. If I was a welfare mother w more than 1 child I’d drop them all off at children and youth, go to school, get a good job and forget about the whole thing. Too bad more of them don’t. They’d be much happier, raising kids is a sucky job on no money.

      • Sara

        Times that $200 by oh lets just say 200,000 and we all know there’s move then that! Look at the big picture here. They signed up to get the help that means they signed up for the rules if they don’t want to follow those rules guess what they don’t need the help to bad!!

      • Sara

        Maybe they should get on birth control then we all know they’d get that for free too. The point your trying to make is literally the most idiotic thing I think Ive heard and I care about $200 that’s who cares!!

  • Johnny Utah

    Her money to do whatever she wants with?? I wasn’t aware that heroin was part of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

  • i agree with jenny

    I agree with Jenny on here. Everybody needs to get off her. Ms. Mack did nothing wrong. It was her money to do what she pleases with it. Just like a tax return, it’s actually the peoples taxes but it becomes YOURS when the check it cut to you in your name. No difference!

    • John T

      Actually it is nothing like a tax return you moron. A tax return is money you get back from the government based on the amount of taxes you paid throughout the course of the year. An EBT card gets funded by those taxpayers dollar and who actually work for a living. EBT cards are “entitlements”, tax returns are not. What she did was take taxpayer funds and used them in a manner they were not allotted for. That is fraud. Welcome to Common Sense 101, you’re welcome. You are literally too stupid to insult.

      • Just Sayin

        The people who think this is OK are probably welfare recipients defending their sense of entitlement. I don’t want my tax dollars supporting these deadbeats but they steel it from me and give it to them anyway. Make these people work for their Benefits! It is not their money it is money stolen from the working class and redistributed to these leeches by bleeding heart liberal politicians!

  • Jenny

    Not tax payers money once given to her it then become hers. If someone gave you $100 It would be then your $100 not that person’s any longer. Keep drinking Trump Koolaid.

      • Meh

        obviously the fact that “Jenny” is sticking up for her shows that she is just another bottom feeder like the person charged in this story is. Common sense should not be expected from such “people”.

    • JP

      Jenny, the taxpayers pay for her access card. That money is supposed to feed her family. I’m sure she has no husband just like you. This girl needs to loose all future benefits regardless of an addiction. All people who receive these benefits should be drug tested annually. Jenny, you need to get a life and a real job and become a proper citizen.

  • Jenn M.

    I comment on these articles often ….100% what she is doing was wrong!! Anyone who thinks it is ok to abuse the system should be investigated themselves.

    • jim

      Number one it is not her money. It is tax payers money. She did nothing to earn those funds. Really sad part is its people like you Jenny that think it’s ok.

      • JP

        Of course she did something to get the money, she laid on her back and pumped out kids she doesn’t care about. Since drugs are more important. Anyone who abuses the should loose everything handed to them. Get a job b**ch.

    • Just sayin

      If someone gives you $100 it is by their choice. The taxpayers are forced to support these people. There is no choice. They are stealing our money and giving it to pieces of trash like this without our consent! Political mugging! Get a job and support yourself and quit taking whats mine!

    • Show me the money

      It should be used to feed her kids not to trade for heroin……I question if you do the same stuff jenny I’m sure your no prize either

      • Green

        There are people who depend on programs like SNAP to make ends meet and as such anyone who abuses the system like this should be punished to the full extent of the law. You’re given this benefit to buy food for yourself or your family and using it in any other way is defrauding the government and hurting both taxpayers and the people who depend on the program. No one should be defending this person.

    • Nancy

      Are you for real I work hard for my check to pay for lazy ass dope users. It’s welfare fraud. Sit her ass in jail and revoke her welfare. It’s not her money we pay her because she’s a dope head

    • SpeakingTheTruth

      You probably don’t pay any taxes anyway so you think everything is “your” money when you don’t even make any money! Get off your butt and get a job!

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