Did Falling Ice Smash a Car’s Rear Window?

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SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP -- It was quite a scare for a couple from Scranton driving in Lackawanna County earlier this week. While stopped at a red light, their rear window smashed and they think something fell from high above.

Patricia and Stephen Gary were stopped on Northern Boulevard close to the John Fitzgerald Bridge that sits more than 160 feet above the road when they heard a crash. They have a theory about what may have fallen from the bridge above.

"We just heard this loud noise coming down on our car, we felt the impact and I thought someone hit us," recalled Stephen Gary. "But there was no cars but our window was out. I was shocked, I was kind of trembling a little bit."

We met Stephen Gary while he took a break from work in Scranton. He and his wife were driving to dinner Monday evening when something smashed their car's back window. There was nothing left on the back seat and nothing left on the road near them, as far as they could see.

The time that's passed has only raised more questions.

"We have a $100 deductible, so I was like, 'ugh.' But then I said if we were driving, we would have gotten in an accident, we could have hit someone else, lucky that we were stopped at the red light."

They were stopped just before going under the John Fitzgerald Bridge near Clarks Summit. Drivers behind the couple said they saw debris falling from the bridge.

Shortly after, Gary saw plow trucks traveling the Pennsylvania Turnpike above them leading him and the police to believe a piece of ice fell from the bridge.

Police say it has happened before. and Gary's luck and good timing kept them from getting hurt.

"I'm going to be a little nervous next time I go under that bridge," he said.

The Turnpike Commission responsible for the upkeep on the John Fitzgerald Bridge says they plan to inspect it following this incident.


  • nervous nelly

    It’s a tall bridge. Very tall. Very scary to drive across. A white knuckle ride if you will. There should be a law prohibiting bridges to be this tall. Maybe it’s just me but I find them very unsafe.

  • Cindy

    What ever fell from the bridge and smashed out the window shouldn’t ice or whatever it was be in the backseat of the car ?

  • Jacksincharge

    Probably makes too much sense to install a net under the bridge to catch ice that could kill someone.

    • Hallo...

      Next thing you will see “Penndot installing nets to all state bridges for cost of 5.2 billion dollars”

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