10-Year-Old Boy from Scranton Shot and Killed in New Jersey

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SCRANTON -- School administrators in Scranton had to break devastating news to elementary students Tuesday morning. A fourth-grader from Scranton was shot and killed by another child in Newark, New Jersey on Saturday.

The news of the deadly shooting reached Scranton School District officials Monday afternoon.

They came up with a plan to have counselors on hand at Prescott Elementary as they tried to explain something that's even tough for adults to understand.

Teachers at Prescott Elementary in Scranton say it was just beginning to feel like things were getting back to normal after an extended break because of snow when they received unimaginable news that a fourth-grader was killed over the weekend in what appears to be an accidental shooting.

Officials in Newark, New Jersey say Jasiah Coleman, age 10, was visiting his father when another child, an 11 year old, shot Jasiah. It happened around 1 a.m. Saturday.

"It's senseless, and as I told the students today, there's some things in life that we can't explain and this is one of them," said Principal Albert O'Donnell. "Everyone is heartbroken here in the hill section of Scranton."

O'Donnell says social workers and a school psychologist were on hand when he told students in third, fourth, and fifth grades about Jasiah's death. Counseling will be available for the next few days.

School officials say Jasiah Coleman has lived in Scranton with his mother for a few years and that he was popular at school, friendly, and liked to play basketball.

"We were hoping for a great future for him, but sometimes, situations arise and we can't control them. As an adult, it's hard to explain to a 10 year old the reason why when there's no reason," O'Donnell said.

Newark's mayor told reporters that it appears the 11-year-old child was holding a gun when it accidentally fired and shot Jasiah Coleman.

So far, no charges have been filed in his death.


  • Writer Girl

    Newark, NJ. The Pits! That said, what was a gun doing in the hands of an 11-Year old? I’m honestly getting to believing that IQ and common sense tests should be administered before anyone is allowed to be a parent.
    Tragic for those children.

    • Writer Girl

      If you read the article, it said he was visiting his father. You know the scenario. Too bad for the boy.

  • AL

    Sorry to say, but the gun just didn’t accidentally fire. I assure you that the trigger was pulled and then the gun went off. Please explain to me why an 11y/o has a gun at 1 a.m. or hell anytime. Such a senseless thing to happen. The adults in this house should all be charged for neglet.

  • Bob

    Newark’s mayor told reporters that it appears the 11-year-old child was holding a gun when it accidentally fired and shot Jasiah Coleman.
    Umm, guns don’t accidentally fire, maybe the kid accidentally pulled the trigger!!!!!!!!

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    This is something that needs to be counseled at home. Not at school at the hands of state funded left wing nut job social worker psychologist.

    On another note, what happened? Why were these kids up at 1am?

  • whatever831

    Really? No explanation? How about gun ownership? Why in the world was an 11 year old looking and holding a gun? Why was it loaded? Why was it accessible to children? Maybe if you answer those questions, you’ll have an explanation. Better yet, here’s my explanation; stupidity.

    • think positive

      Stupidity, negligent, and irresponsible, all at the very least.
      My father had a gun collection that he kept locked away. One day, he showed the “unloaded” guns to his four children, explained what each gun is, talked about gun danger and gun safety, laws, etc. It was the first and last time any of us ever saw the guns.
      Respect has to start from the parents setting a good example. With broken homes it’s even harder to teach kids rules, organization and moral values, but that means those parents have to try even harder.

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