Snow Melt Leads to Spring Fever

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TUNKHANNOCK -- Just one day ago, more than a foot of snow covered Tioga Street in Tunkhannock. The snowfall was so massive, a travel ban was issued, keeping cars and trucks off the roads. Now, two days post-storm...the sun is out, and the roads are clear.

One resident -- Bob Strunk of Tunkhannock -- says it's easy to shovel the snow that's now quickly melting from the sidewalks.

"I would say we're all hoping for spring soon," said Strunk.

Many businesses, including the gift shop known as "The Old Store," re-opened Thursday after the borough lifted the two-day travel ban.

Tom Sayles, the owner of "The Old Store," lives upstairs from his business -- and says the difference in 48 hours is astounding.

"Wasn't it illegal to be driving? Most people are smart enough to stay out of it," Sayles said.


Snow removal vehicles were travelling up and down East Tioga Street all afternoon on Wednesday. While their work seemed to be done, they passed through the business district without so much as having to lower their plows.

"They did a real good job, but it was definitely snow-covered, to say the least," Strunk added.

Strunk thinks that people in Wyoming County should savor the day, especially with more snow ahead in the weekend forecast.