Snow Piles Higher Than People Can See in McAdoo

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MCADOO -- There seemed to be a common theme on the streets of McAdoo in Schuylkill County; they looked quiet at first, but then at a second glance, you would realize that people were actually out shoveling, but the snow was piled higher than they stood.

"I just watched it come down, I'm like 'nope, not even touching it.' My neighbor did this, and I'm like 'good for you' but we're going to have to do it again anyway," said Ingrid Pilgren of McAdoo.

27 inches of snow fell in McAdoo during Monday's blizzard, and it might have made the Schuylkill County borough look pretty, but even winter-weather lovers weren't thrilled.

"I like the snow. I knew we were due for one big one. It got us now, too bad it was in March. Hopefully, it goes by fast and we get warmed up. Spring is almost here," Allen Bodnar of McAdoo said.

"I love it but I hate it at the same because I'm too old for this stuff now," Pilgren said.

The parking ban was issued so the borough can easily get through to clean the streets. So far, it seems most people are complying. They say they want the plows to get through as quickly as possible.

"Normally, McAdoo does a really good job. But when we get so much snow, there's really nowhere else to put it, the snow ban side can't even get plowed," Bodnar explained.

As the wind picks up, it is blowing the snow back on the streets, causing a mess even after the heaviest snow has long stopped.

"How they put in travel bans, yesterday. That was also great because it kept the civilians off the roads so they can keep doing their job," Bodnar said.


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