Medical Transport During Blizzard, Picture Goes Viral

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EAST STROUDSBURG -- A picture from a very special convoy in the Poconos is going viral. It shows state police, the National Guard, and PennDOT escorting an ambulance during Tuesday's blizzard.

Inside the ambulance was a little boy who needed immediate medical attention from a hospital that was 80 miles away.

What seemed like an impossible situation during one of the worst storms on record was made possible and all it took was a little teamwork.

Behind this picture is a story about emergency crews going the extra mile for a little boy who needed emergency medical attention during one of the worst snowstorms on record.

"It was a normal day other than the snow, pretty slow as far as calls went. Then they called for a transfer that needed to go to Danville. We weren't sure if it was going to happen because of the weather," said Michael Rapp, Suburban EMS Paramedic.

The little patient, almost two years old, needed to be taken from Lehigh Valley Hospital Pocono in East Stroudsburg to Geisinger Medical Center near Danville for a medical procedure.

What seemed impossible became possible when Suburban EMS, Pennsylvania State Police, the National Guard, and PennDOT stepped in.

"It's what I took an oath for. It's the path of duty. It's a young child who needed help. It's what we are here for to assist and help anyone who needs it," said Trooper Brian Borowicz.

PennDOT plow trucks from various districts helped clear the way to Geisinger in Montour County.

State police followed the ambulance.

The National Guard drove trucks to keep drivers from passing.

And the over two feet of snow didn't stop any of them.

"We were there just to support the entities if something were to happen and they weren't able to get through. We would assist in whatever way we needed to to make sure that little boy made it safely," said SSG Eric Bussman, National Guard.

Each unit had their own role but it was teamwork that got the little boy to Geisinger Medical Center.

"Everyone maintained professionalism, stayed calm through the treacherous conditions we handed and everything went well for us," said SSG Bussman.

"It was huge. It's awesome that we can get everyone together so quickly to activate a huge team like we did," said Trooper Borowicz.

"I was glad that so many people came together in a quick manner and we got the job done," added Rapp.

Officials tell us as the convoy passed into other districts, PennDOT crews and state police were ready to take over.

The whole trek took about four hours, but everyone made it safely and the young boy got the medical attention he needed.


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