PA State Senate Website Back Online After Attack

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HARRISBURG -- After days of being offline, it appears that state Democrats are back online late Thursday evening.

Last week, a ransomware attack was launched on Pennsylvania Senate Democrats. They, as well as employees, were locked out of their computer network, as well as shutting their website down.

By Friday evening, it appears that the network and the websites are back up and running.

The FBI has been investigating the attack.

However, there is no word yet as to who may be responsible.


  • Bill K

    It wasn’t an “attack”. Some state employee did not follow generally accepted practices. The individual clicked a random link sent via email. Or opened an attachment sent via email which contained the malware. Either way the employee did exactly what you’re not supposed to do. There are only two ways to recover from a ransomware incident. You can pay the ransomer. Or you reimage the computers and servers involved and restore from backup. A competent IT department would have a proper backup solution configured. So which was it? Did the state pay the ransom or did the IT department reimage and restore from backups? It’s our tax dollars, we should know.

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