Suspect in Deadly Stabbing Under Arrest

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LEWISBURG -- A homicide suspect is now in police custody in Union County.

Terrel Jordan, 32, of Mifflinburg, stayed silent as he was lead into the Union County jail, accused of the deadly stabbing of Aaron Boone, 28, of Lewisburg.

Detectives have not said how Jordan knew Boone or what lead up to the deadly stabbing.

Investigators say Jordan stabbed Boone in front of a home on South Seventh Street in Lewisburg around 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

Witnesses say the victim made his way up the street looking for help, leaving a trail of blood.

"He said, 'I can't breathe. I can't breathe.' That was the main thing he was constantly saying," said Ricky Vasquez of Lewisburg.

Vazquez said when the victim knocked on his door Saturday night, he did everything he could to help.

"I thought he was going to make it. He was conscious. He was talking. He was moving."

Police say Boone died about an hour later at the hospital.

Vazquez explained at first he didn't realize the victim was a man he saw on the bus every day.

"He is a dad. I was thinking of his daughter because I know them, too. Every time I would see them together, the little girl was always happy," said Vazquez.

Detectives say before he passed out, the victim told police they should look for Terrel Jordan. However, Jordan's family tells Newswatch 16 there is more to the story. They said the two men had been close friends. They believe a disagreement over a woman lead to the stabbing.

"This man came to my house, told my son on social media he was going to hurt him. This man is twice my son's size," said Hope Jordan, Terrel Jordan's mother.

The Jordans said while they grieve for Aaron Boone, they are distraught Terrel is being called a killer.

"This is not my brother. It was a self defense mechanism. That was what my brother was using," said Jasmine Jordan, Terrel Jordan's sister.

Boone lived in an apartment above Vennari's Pizza, where workers say he would stop almost every day.

"Very energetic, always happy to meet new people. We got along perfectly fine. I can't believe something like this would actually happen to him," said Jonathan Young, Venarri's Pizza.

By evening a woman could be seen scrubbing blood from the street and sidewalk, but the memory of the violence here can't be washed away.



  • jd

    One of the problems of the last eight years got these people thinking it’s alright to be a criminal an nothing is wrong with him stabbing anyone it wasn’t his fault or choice hahahaha

  • JMG

    This is sad, that our viewing area has already found this man guilty of the crime. Especially when you are only told very limited facts that took place. You have already either slammed Terell, found him guilty, or blamed his family for what happened. A comment was mentioned about Lewisburg itself. Bad things happen in all areas of the world, and it doesn’t make it a unsafe place, or a “section 8” as one person mentioned. This is the problem with America…..they thrive on hate, and drama. Perhaps, things would change, and issues like this wouldn’t happen if people were more willing to open their eyes, hearts, and their brains to not be so quick to judge another person, when you don’t have ALL the facts. Not only was the victim killed here, but BOTH sides of the families were hurt, which does involve children. Everyone involved are now permanently scared forever. You are talking all this negativity about Terell, when you don’t even know him. The comments your saying is no different then you hurting another person….which could be the children of the people involved. Your no better…….

      • xxx

        Oh really??? So, you’re making a guilty verdict from a picture? I think the question should be, who is the real scumbag here…….have a seat in the back please….the far back!!!!

    • jd

      Your one of those obama supporters against the police and for the advancement of criminals huh hahahhaha

  • duh

    I guess the good people on South Seventh Street in Lewisburg have never heard of blood-borne pathogens.

  • bigjoe43

    In 2004 Terrel Jordan was convicted with a felony aggravated assault with bodily harm. In Oct 05 he was sentenced to 3 months in prison with 83 days credit. He was released to parole which he violated. In Dec 05 he was re-sentenced to 1 to 3 years with 42 days credit. In 2010 he was charged with misdemeanor harassment. In Jun 2010 Judge Woelfel sentenced him to 1 year probation with the stipulation that he have no contact with the victim and complete anger management classes. In June 2010 Judge Hudock sentenced him to a year probation.

    I guess he didn’t learn. Now he’s facing a homicide charge.

    • JP

      And yet mom stands by saying he is a good, innocent boy. Wake up mom and the rest of your low life family. Fry him.

      • xxx

        Any GOOD parent is going to stand behind their child and support them. Who are you to judge her or his family for supporting Terell. Especially when you most likely someone who doesn’t even have a child, or know what it’s like to be a parent and have the pure love for another person, regardless of the situation. What a sad world we live in……..and you don’t make it any better with these gross, uncalled for comments.

      • jd

        No a good parent would have called the police when the man came to her house supposedly an settled the matter an a good parent would lead her child in the right direction of choices. Also a good parent would have taken him to the police department turned him >n for his wrongdoing.

      • nojustice_nopeace

        @xxx No, a GOOD parent would be able to at LEAST admit her son had a rap sheet and now call him “good” when clearly he is troubled and in trouble. No one is saying they shouldn’t still love their child, but just because someone is family doesn’t mean if they’re a criminal, they’re not because they’re your family.

  • Brotha

    If he wasn’t guilty and was a real friend why did this killer run away and not offer assistance once he realized what he did? Why didn’t he stay and tell police the truth? Why , because he is GUILTY!!

  • JP

    My boy is a good boy, he would never do anything bad. Typical dirt bag mother. Poor excuse for a man. PA start executing these scum bags.

  • Down with false Propaganda

    Last time I saw a mug like that was on The Walking Dead and Darryl put an arrow thru it’s head.

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      You’re damn right they do. No hope whatsoever for someone with a soul like that behind those eyes.

  • Bill K

    Yep, I knew it. Tattoos up the neck. We though the previous crop of thugs were bad. They were choir boys compared to this new breed with tattoos up the neck.

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