Traffic Stop Leads to Car Chase, Crash in the Poconos

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STROUDSBURG -- A routine traffic stop turned into a car chase -- a subsequently, crash -- Friday afternoon.

According to PA State Police, officers stopped a driver on Interstate 80 in Monroe County just after noon.

The driver, Tishawn Ragland of East Stroudsburg, had a different idea -- speeding away in his SUV instead.

He then lost control, flipping the vehicle onto the sidewalk.

No injuries were reported, and troopers believe Ragland may have been under the influence of a substance.


  • Noel

    I was at Ray Price dealership right across from where it happened. What the media failed to note was that the cops had their guns drawn threatening to shoot him. Nice going media

  • Hoofie of Falls

    I would suggest that he have his camber, caster, and toe-in checked before he hits the road once again. (In short, a front end alignment) Tally Ho, Skippy.

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