Snow Squalls Bring White Out Conditions Across Susquehanna County

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SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY -- Snow squalls rolled through Susquehanna County throughout the day Friday, bringing white out conditions on some roadways, including Interstate 81.

Near Montrose, the squalls also left behind a coating of snow, enough to stick and stay.

"I'm just looking forward to spring because this is ridiculous now!" said Alicia Beardsley of Montrose.

The squalls caught some off guard.

"We were four-wheeling," said Lily Sipel of Lititz. "I mean it wasn't bad at first then we went in the fields and we were driving and my eyelids like froze shut and I couldn't see anything so we just had to stop."

Her family has a cabin near Montrose.

The main concern now is the dangerous cold -- an arctic blast that could bring record-breaking lows this weekend.

It has nearly everyone looking for a place to keep warm.

"That's crazy, I'm not looking forward to it,” said Eden Wickenheiser of Lititz.

Many people say what makes this cold so difficult to bear is the fact that just a few days ago, temperatures were in the upper 60’s.

"We weren't sure if it would be winter or summer weather but it's winter. I think we'll probably be staying inside in front of the fireplace. Yeah. I think so,” laughed Gayle Gearhart of Manheim who is spending the weekend near Montrose.

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