Police: Child Sickened After Forced to Swallow Dish Soap

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BUTLER TOWNSHIP — Police are investigating a case of child abuse in Luzerne County.

According to police, Mark Kranyak of Drums pulled a child’s head back on Monday, filled the child’s mouth with dish soap, and made the child swallow it. The victim then vomited.

Kranyak faces child endangerment, simple assault, and reckless endangerment charges.


  • schrodie

    Oh, FFS! This is NOT CHILD ABUSE! Soap in the mouth is a long-time traditional punishment for cussing, back-talking and sass. I got the exact same punishment from my parents when I was a kid, for talking trash and using bad language. I, too, had to swallow mouthfuls of soap, and even a degreaser on one occasion. Sure, I threw up. That was part of the punishment. If you didn’t want soap in the mouth… you learned to watch your tongue. We have raised up a pile of fragile snowflakes who don’t understand common discipline

  • think positive

    I wonder if the creep who did it is the mother’s boyfriend, as it usually is. The saddest part is that child services won’t take the child away from his/her nightmarish home and there is sure to be plenty more of mistreatment in the years to come. These are the kids we need to think about. This is why we need decent paying jobs in this country. And this is why we need to get tougher with the war on drugs. There’s been too much focus on LGBTQ, abortion, and other less important causes, and not enough on suffering children, abusive adults, and drug addicts.

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