PA Lottery Launches Instant Game with No Scratching Required

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The Pennsylvania Lottery launched a new game Tuesday where there’s no need to scratch a ticket or wait for numbers to be drawn.

It’s called Fast Play.

The game prints on-demand tickets, but instead of waiting for the day or evening drawing, players can check the ticket instantly to see if it’s a winner.

The Fast Play tickets range in price from $1 to $5.


  • Wakemeupwhenitends

    You know I’m so happy they did away with me needing to do anything physical like scratch that crap off of a ticket.

  • Stan Tillman

    Would not people become likely to beat up on the machines as instant feedback for selling them something useless – a non winning ticket. We already see the results of instant lottery losers all over the streets as they discard their losing tickets. Sometimes they even tear them up into little itty bitty pieces before they cast their unrecyclable waste into our environment.

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