Cleaning Up, Preparing For More Severe Weather

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LAKE SCRANTON -- Victims of Saturday's tornado in Lackawanna and Luzerne Counties are a little concerned about the forecast for more severe weather on Wednesday.

And some people are pitching in to make sure those hit by the tornado are ready just in case.

A cold front is approaching from the west and showers and thunderstorms will form along and ahead of that front. Some of these storms may become severe with more damaging winds, heavy rain, and lightning.

This forecast looks very similar to Saturday's and comes just as homeowners are starting to come to terms with Saturday's devastation.

With over 1,000 trees destroyed, it's been a busy week for tree removal companies like Redmond Logging and Excavating.

"Trying to clean up this mess. We've been here all week. It's going to take us a while," said Bruce Redmond.

During the winter season, the men at NEPA Asphalt are usually plowing snow, but for the last four days, they've been assessing damage to driveways and properties.

"Craziness, between the trees knocked down, damage to the homes and cars, even the roadways washed away. It's been tremendous," said Teddy Kalinowski.

A home on Baker Road in Pittston Township lost all of the trees on their property. Insurance will only pay for the ones touching the house, so the workers with Redmond want to help.

"We chip most of it, and then anything we can get for saw log material. I'm trying to cut down costs dramatically by getting logs out and making my money that way. I want to do all this work so the homeowner doesn't have to pay out of pocket," Redmond explained.

And that's not the only help the Pramick family has received. Friends and neighbors have been dropping off food and other items for the last four days.

"I'm just overwhelmed. I'm just in awe," said Jacqueline Pramick. "It's not like just a township, it's a family."

When Roger Swingle of Wayne County saw the news last night, he decided he wanted to help, too. He's offering 8 by 16-foot portable storage units free to any storm victim who needs to store anything valuable before we get more rain.

"I'm doing pretty good, I believe so for my age. I just have a heart to help somebody," said Roger Swingle of Don Frick Lock Boxes.

He says he'll deliver them and pick them up for anyone affected by the storm.

Jacqueline Pramick says people like him are what's making this week a little bit easier.

"People I don't even know are coming up and leaving cases of water just for our workers to keep moving, and we're getting things done."

Roger Swingle with Don Frick's Lock Boxes says you can contact him directly at 570-840-3186 if you are in need of one of those storage units before Wednesday's weather hits.

The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center has our area in the slight risk for severe weather on Wednesday.

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