Arrest in Deadly Shooting in Monroe County

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CHESTNUTHILL TOWNSHIP -- A man is under arrest for a deadly shooting in the Poconos.

Kyle Kresge, 46, of Effort is charged in the shooting death of Lawrence Purcell, 34, of Kunkletown.

Police say it happened between 11 a.m. and 12:20 p.m. Tuesday at Kresge's home on Glenwood Road in Chestnuthill Township.

According to state police, Kresge shot Purcell in the chest during a fight and Purcell died. Authorities say Kresge then dragged the body out of the house and tried to cover it up with debris.


"At one time, this was quiet and peaceful here, but now you have to be aware and on guard," said Roger Gower of Effort.

The shooting happened Tuesday at Kresge's home on Glenwood Drive in Chestnuthill Township.

According to state police, Kresge shot Purcell in the chest.

Kresge was inside his home when police arrived. A bullet casing was found in his pocket.

"There is some known attributes amongst them, and through the course of the investigation, we realized that he was possibly shot during a dispute regarding them. Again, something we are still pinning down, interviews and interviewing other people who might have been at the residence or know of this information," said Trooper David Peters.

Police say they received a 911 call from a woman and all she said was, "he's dead."

When they traced the call back, they ended up at Kresge's home. When they arrived, they found the victim's body on the side of the house, covered in a tarp.

"There's a lot of reasons certain things take place and they are pretty clear-cut, but in this particular situation, we want to find out why did this happen? Why was he at the residence and why did it escalate to this type of violence?" said Trooper Peters.

Online court documents show that both men have criminal records. About 15 years ago, Kresge did time for an assault.

People who live nearby say you never know who could be living next to you.

"It's going to concern everyone in the whole neighborhood," said Brian Calderone of Effort.

"I mean, you have to be on guard," Gower added. "It's really scary anymore, it really is."

Kresge is charged with criminal homicide, abuse of corpse, and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. He is locked up without bail at the Monroe County correctional facility.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for February 24.


  • Elaine Caruso-Long

    To all the people on this forum debating locals or us vs them, please note: KRESGE is a local name. I have lived here almost 14 years now. There are two types of crime here, not just one. There’s what you refer to as the citidiot crime, and then there’s the MOUNTAIN REDNECK crime. This is the latter.

  • DJB

    Note to Ch 16: you need to fix your Word Press. This was supposed to be inserted below in response to Givemeabreak.

    • Givemeabreak

      I didn’t know living in a certain area defined who someone is as a person. I guess your clothes make you who you are too or how much money you have.
      Mick Jagger said it best in the song I can’t get no satisfaction; “Can’t be a man if you don’t smoke the same cigarettes as me”.


    Society has become so degraded that we must turn our homes into fortresses. Between our guns, the steel bars on our windows and the look out towers , I feel incredibly safe knowing that BLM
    goons, illegals and fat people will not be able to penetrate my families defenses.

    • Givemeabreak

      You do realize this is a rural area and has nothing to do with BLM. He lived on an acre and a half of land. Paranoia will destroy you?

    • DJB

      Not sure about BLM goons patroling NEPA, but Scrantony is correct in saying that our society and culture is degrading before our eyes. Go ahead and scoff at that, and it even give it a ‘thumbs down’. You can say it’s because the 24/7 news cycle and untold numbers of news outlets are pumping more news than we’ve ever seen so “we’re not just seeing more of it”, but you don’t have to look very far to see massive evidence that our culture is in deep kimchee. Can it be turned around? I’m not sure—the millenials and 20-30 something group are even more ‘anything goes’ than any generation in our history. More drugs, more lost souls, more people with no hope and lost in themselves with little or no moral compass or faith. The ending of this movie has many possible outcomes—I’ll not be the judge but I will agree with Tony in that it is an era where you better be vigliant and protective—and it’s only looking to get worse. Paranoia? Nawww, just an observant realist without his head buried in the sand of normalcy bias. (Google the term)

      • Givemeabreak

        I do agree that there is a severe decay in morals and values in our country. I do disagree with the statement that these younger generations are more anything goes than previous ones. Did you forget the baby boomer/hippie generation? Free love, drugs and being all self absorbed. They preached love and peace which is great but the also lived very selfish lives. Our younger generations are just the product of broken homes from these older generations that where about me, me, me. Remember the term latchkey kids?

        IMO it has much to do with being decencitized because everything is so over sensationalized. Everything anymore is the worst/best thing ever until the next day when the new worst/best thing happens and then we forget what happened the day before.

        Part of the fault is the media/TV/Computer but we also need to accept responsibility for overreacting ourselves.
        These things happened all the time in the past too, they are just more publicized today. I always love it when they say times were better back then, when they really weren’t. Remember the Cuban missile crisis or the great depression? Or how about when millions died in world wars? Up and down the coast of Deleware there are lookout towers that were put there to look out for German U boats and invading forces. I also forgot Pearl Harbor. This is what I meant by paranoia. Things don’t seem so bad now, do they?

        It isn’t really that bad right now but if we keep letting them control us with fear we will destroy ourselves. Feeling safe is a state of mind and the screens we stare at all day can definitely compromise that mental security. You just have to remember the past and how bad things really were and be thankful that as of right now we are doing better. If we allow them to control us with fear we will destroy ourselves.

    • think positive

      Society is definitely degrading. It’s impossible not to notice it when it’s right in front of our face everyday. I don’t understand the ones who thumbs down this either, unless they were just born yesterday.

      • Givemeabreak

        Anyone who responds with yo, doesn’t deserve a proper rebuttal. Do you know the definition of rebuttal? You ite?

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