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Armed Thief Hits Turkey Hill in Dickson City

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DICKSON CITY -- A mini mart robbery in Lackawanna County is under investigation.

Officers say the thief showed a knife to the clerk at Turkey Hill Minit Mart on Main Street in Dickson City early Wednesday morning.

Authorities haven't said how much he got away with.




    Why is there no subject description or a phone number for people to call with information?

    At the minimum, you’d think publishing a description would be a priority so that….you know….they can catch the guy.

  • Casy B

    Just another soft target in DC why can’t they arm these clerks before someone get’s killed by one of these PUNKS!

    • Givemeabreak

      The clerk’s are taught not to resist. You want the guy to defend the Turkey Hill corp. for minimum wage? They rob their customers anyway with their ridiculously high prices. One thief robbing another as far as I’m concerned.

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