Loving the First Big Snow in Wayne County

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WAYMART -- They are usually normal scenes for Waymart in the winter -- a flurry of shoveling and plowing after a fresh dumping of snow. But the 10 inches that fell overnight is certainly rare this winter.

"I'd rather get a couple inches than that ice we get, that's really a pain," said Joe Lepkowski.

This snow comes after several ice storms in Wayne County.

George Shaffer was helping neighbors with his snowthrower, much appreciated by Joe Lepkowski.

"It's a light snow so it's not too bad. I need to get a plow. I say that every year, but then I say, 'ah, no, one more year.' But time to get a plow, not getting any younger," Lepkowski said.

"We've been out for an hour, but there's a ton of snow out so we have to get it done," Connor Derrick said.

Derrick and his dad were hard at work shoveling but they were happy to see all this snow, too.

"I really enjoy the snow and I enjoy shoveling as weird as that sounds, but having help is a bonus, makes things move a lot faster," said Nick Derrick.

Connor was anxious for the reward at the end.

"When I'm done, I'm probably going to go inside and have some hot chocolate."

And his younger sister Avery got to experience wintertime fun, too, out in the snow for the first time.

And dogs in Waymart enjoyed this fresh blanket of snow.

But even the snow lovers don't mind that spring is near.

"Knowing we're going to heat up a bit a couple days is very reassuring, spring's not too far."