Sunbury Police Investigating Two Men Injured after Alleged Pistol Whipping

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SUNBURY — Police want to know why two bleeding men staggered into this grocery store in Northumberland County.

Officers wouldn’t let anyone in Weis Markets on North Fourth Street in Sunbury during Wednesday night’s investigation.

Police believe those men were both pistol whipped somewhere else.

Those two men took off before police in Northumberland County could talk to them.


  • gspowner

    Seriously? This is what happens in Sunbury? It’s time the cop’s do something besides sit at TurkeyHill drinking free coffee. This town is filled with people who are all from out of the area. They move here with drug’s and violence. They get cheap housing and food stamps. Then they corrupt kids from decent families who they lure with rap music and such. You would think the lazy cops here would do something besides begging for more money, and sleeping with disgusting women who they let off of minor drug charges in exchange for the sexual favors. This is just sad and never ending around here.

    • iseestupidpeople

      You’re an idiot. Keep a closer watch on your kids then and stop acting like ALL your trash is all imported! You got plenty of home grown garbage in your own backyards!

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