Court Papers: State Trooper gets in Bed with 9-Year-Old, Charged with Indecent Assault

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MOUNTAIN TOP — A state trooper working in the Harrisburg area is charged with assaulting a child in Luzerne County.

According to court papers, Corporal Patrick Finn allegedly got into bed with a 9-year-old child at a home in Mountain Top in December.

The documents accuse Finn of touching the victim and saying he wanted to have sex with her.

The corporal is facing numerous charges including indecent assault.

State police confirm Corporal Finn has been suspended without pay.



  • Bob

    The trooper that wanted to sex with that 9 year old, is this true ? I heard stories like this before and it was false. Tricks that some of these young girls like to play. If his is true then he should be castrated.

  • Jake

    Nice reviewing there state police. All the tests and interviews. Heres a thought, stop being so corrupt in hiring. I knew 3 guys who applied. 2 had degrees and passed everything in the top of the mob. The interview is a joke. This is where the politicians get involved and get these idiots on instead of qualified people. Oh the 3rd guy was a pakistanian who the state police called and gave him the answers. Corrupt like the whole state. Nothing but corrupt politicians and all areas of this state are corrupt.

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