Busy Signals at U.S. Senators’ Offices

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Try calling the office of either of Pennsylvania's U.S. senators you're likely to get a busy signal or a voicemail message.

So if you want to tell your senator you support or oppose any of President Trump's cabinet picks, it's hard to get through.

According to Senator Bob Casey's office, the number of calls to all of the U.S. Senate offices in Washington doubled the weekly record.

All the recent calls to the state and local offices of Senator Casey and Senator Pat Toomey have, at times, been too much for their staffs to handle.

Amy Zemek of Moscow wants the U.S. Senate to reject President Donald Trump's nomination of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education.

"I think there's better-qualified candidates out there."

As the mother of a 14-year-old daughter with cerebral palsy, she wants Republican Senator Pat Toomey to go against his own party and vote "no" on DeVos' nomination.

But there's no answer when she calls Toomey's office.

"Not only can I not get ahold of him or a representative of his, I can also not even get a voicemail," said Zemek.

So how hard is it to reach a U.S. senator's office?

First, we tried Senator Toomey's office in Scranton. We also called Senator Toomey's office in Allentown, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Washington D.C. but could not get through.

When we called Senator Casey's Scranton office, a staffer answered this call.

At the senator's offices in Allentown, Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Washington D.C., we could leave a message except at Senator Casey's Philadelphia office where the mailbox was full.

Thursday morning, Senator Casey tweeted a picture of himself taking calls at his Washington office.

As for the missed calls, his press secretary writes, "when comparing this week to a week last January, our constituent correspondence across phones, emails, and letters is up almost 900 percent."

Senator Toomey's press secretary says staffers, "in both Pennsylvania and Washington are taking an 'all-hands-on-deck' approach in answering as many calls and emails as possible while also attending to other responsibilities."

Republican senators in other states claim activists are deliberately jamming phone lines with robocalls.

Amy Zemek says she's not an activist, just a mother who wants to make her voice heard.

"I find that alarming that such an important decision in our country is being made today," said Zemek. "He has a responsibility to listen to the people of Pennsylvania."

Staffers from both Senator Casey's and Senator Toomey's office say the best way to for people to let them about the president's cabinet picks is by email, simply because the phone lines are too busy right now.

You can email Senator Bob Casey here.

You can email Senator Pat Toomey here.


  • Aaron

    i did hear sleepy Bobby Casey gonna have a party at his house on Sunday. The party is for all of the snowflake wussies that are still crying and smashing things because of the election. There will be blankets, coloring, blocks, legos, and of course The Puppy Bowl. Toomey better get his campaign season game on and reach out to the pansy anarchists.

  • A2B2C

    Who is silly enough to think Toomey cares what they think? Not his job to worry about the little people! What can they do for him?

  • Denise

    I have emailed both senators numerous times in the last two months. Senator Casey has been quick to reply with his stance on the nominees. Toomey however is slow to respond and has given his support to all of the Trump nominees. What a surprise! He received $$$ from DeVos.

  • Allen

    Where is the opinion and comments from the person SUPPORTING the Trump nominee WNEP?… You’re pathetic liberal biased reporting shows through once again… I’m really thinking I need to start watching a different news source since all you can do is give a one-sided slant on reporting… desperately hoping it might influence your viewers. Wake up Newswatch 16… your audience has grown beyond you and now has other options.

    • SuePA

      Any of his nominees have been deliberately chosen to dismantle the very office they are set to head up; in what bizzaro world would ANYONE want to support these frightening selections? Oh right, the blind, deaf, and exceptionally dumb supporters of this train wreck. The only good thing is that you folks will suffer more along with us, as you OWN this travesty.

      • Allen

        Just keep drinkin the kool-aid Sue… Maybe it can hide the smell of liberal tainted crap coming out of your mouth.

      • WarningFakeNews

        There’s way too much government at the federal level, and the only effective way to trim it back is to do it from the inside. That’s what President Trump was elected to do, among other things like securing the border….finally.

    • Sean

      The article is about difficulty reaching state senators. Do you really think supporters of Trump/DeVos are calling by the hundreds to support her nomination? Especially when Congress has such a Republican majority? If you support Trump’s policies/cabinet choices, no worries, they’re likely to go through, you don’t *need* to call your senator. If you oppose Trump’s policies and cabinet, you actually have to reach out to convince Toomey to switch sides or check in with Casey to see if he’s voting against Trump or compromising with him. It’s entirely possible there honestly *aren’t* any Trump supporters calling; there’s certainly fewer than there are people who oppose him. And would Trump supporters who tried to call the senators even be willing to be interviewed for this? Try to call to express support of DeVos, call doesn’t go through, ah well she’ll probably get in anyway, hey why is this reporter in my face now?

      Sometimes supporters of different policies do different things. Not biased for a news article on an event to focus on the group of people *involved* in the event in question.

  • WarningFakeNews

    So, as reported, no one’s actually no one worthy of quoting supporting Trump, right? Why is this not surprising?

    • WarningFakeNews

      Trying again, so as reported, no one’s actually worthy of reporting who was in favor of Trumps decision, right?

      Now, time for a nap.

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