Protest in Hazleton Against President’s Executive Orders

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HAZLETON -- In solidarity with protests going on around the country, some gathered in Luzerne County to stand up against President Trump's executive order on immigration.

The protest in Hazleton was located outside Congressman Lou Barletta's office.

Just over two dozen people stood along Broad Street in Hazleton outside Congressman Barletta's office, holding up signs in protest of President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration.

"It's outrageous," said Chris Snyder of Allentown. "The executive order that was done and all the rhetoric against refugees and immigrants is appalling. It's time that we as a nation go back to our roots and embrace diversity and our heritage of immigration."

The president's executive order puts a minimum 90-day halt on immigrants coming to the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries. It suspends Syrian refugees from coming here indefinitely.

Congressman Barletta supports the executive order, telling us that it is a reasonable way to protect the people of the United States from terrorists.

"None of the terrorists that we have had so far have come from these countries," said Joe Czarnecki, Action Together NEPA.

That's why these protesters and protesters around the country believe the president's order is a discriminatory ban targeted at religion, not terrorism.

It's also why protesters in Hazleton, like Joann Bilbelis, want to send Congressman Barletta a message: if he continues to support the president's controversial executive order, the congressman loses her vote.

"We want to let him know November 2018 is not too far away," said Bilbelis.

She's protested earlier this month in Washington. She's protesting again here, and she plans to protest in Wilkes-Barre on Saturday.

"I protested in the '60s for Vietnam. I can't believe I am back out here again. This shouldn't be happening."

Congressman Barletta was in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. His office there sent us a statement from him regarding the protest outside his office in Hazleton.

It said in part, "People have the right to express their opinions in a respectful manner. I happen to disagree with their interpretation of President Trump's executive order."

Another similar protest is expected this Saturday in Wilkes-Barre on Public Square.


  • Scrapper

    What a joke 8 stoned hippies living off my dime get a job. I’m glad it’s not warm out the chickens would be all over the place I guess all go back to work now TY!

  • wayne guillory

    A Muslim friend of mine said the Trump’s ban is this best action he could have taken. He then clarified by saying: American’s have no idea how it feels to know your children go to school with a gun on them for protection. American’s have no idea how it feels to hear an explosion a few blocks away knowing that your children are at school just a few blocks away. American’s know nothing how it feels to be in a market when gun fire suddenly erupts in the market. American’s have NO idea what happens when the vehicle a few feet away blows up and kills your friends and family walking near it. He added that if Americans continue ignoring what’s happening in those middle eastern countries, they will experience it first hand and very soon. Then just maybe they’ll actually know..

  • goose

    Really quick- This comes down to emotions. Strictly. Think about every song you’ve ever heard or any story ever told. They bring up emotions. Somebody is playing on that game to build wealth. Not for your community, but for themselves. The left is just more emotional than the people that are willing to work towards progress and live a good life. They are very truly happy to not succeed as long as you don’t either. We have to stop arguing with them and let them pull an Ouroboros. They will eat their own tail and cease to gather our thoughts once we leave them to their own devices. Ignore these cowards and put forth the efforts to strengthen your own lifestyle. 5 AM walks, a better diet, getting to know your neighbors, or even one random push up when you are killing time INFURIATES them. They want you to fail so they can feel better about their poor life choices. True story. Rise above.

    • WarningFakeNews

      There is some truth to that, but there can be interaction which does not draw someone in emotionally. We can laugh at the feeble attempts, impugn their willingness to ignore our safety here in the United States for political expediency, and sum it all up with, “We’re glad the adults are in charge now” and THEN go on our merry way, living our lives, doing the things that matter most. Oh, and one more thing. Rather than hate the left, wish for them enlightenment and all the blessings life has to offer. You don’t have to do this out loud to them, in fact, that’s probably not a good idea, but you need to be at peace within your own heart, wishing malice to no one.

  • CeeMe

    How come only the two white guy is are showing their faces? We don’t have to accept anyone or continue immigration just because we always had it. Get a clue. We have enough people here and immigration is out of control. In the past, we decided who would come in and they had to learn English, have jobs and become a citizen. What happened to all that? We also stopped immigration at various times in the past. I hope we stop All immigration and please Congressman Barletta, make English our official language, implement E-verify and end birth citizenship! Make American Great Again. America belongs to American Citizens, not the world.

  • CeeMe

    Boy, Americans sure are stupid! How quickly they forget about Obama’s executive orders, too. The protesters should put their money where their big mouths are, and support these immigrants and refugees. I don’t want to. They wouldn’t do the same for you, idiots. We aren’t a flophouse for everyone with a problem. This is my country and I’m glad for President Trump and Congressman Barletta. By the way, it was Pres. Obama who came up with the list of those countries, that were deemed terroristic, not Trump. Losers.

  • Tom Tom Logan

    Out of these 24 inbreds, how many actually read the executive order? I’m guessing slim to none. Where was all the protesting when Obuma did this? It’s not so different from what Obama did when he banned visas for refugees from Iraq for six months – that’s six by the way, not three – in 2011. That’s the Obama who also referenced the same seven countries identified by his successor as sources of terror. Meanwhile, 40 Muslim countries are unaffected by Trump’s order. But back then there was little dissent. Hypocrites!

    • CeeMe

      Yes, a career malcontent protester, a group who won’t show their faces and a few stupid white guys. What a crew! Too bad for them, most Americans don’t agree with them.

  • goose

    You gotta love it. The circus is burning, but the clowns keep on juggling their same old debunked garbage. This is why Ringling Bros. is going out of business. Why pay, when you get this for free?

  • nico botch - a real hazleton hero

    All 8 of them and odds are half of them are not even from the Hazleton area. What a joke. Ask a native Hazleton person what they think about all of our new wave Hispanic immigrants who are bringing rich new culture and life to the area.

  • WarningFakeNews

    Good thing you had the wide angle lenses to get them all in the shot… all 8 of them.

    The Greater Hazleton Area is about 100,000 people, well, that we know of.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Wow, story 4,683 about the same thing.

    Do the people at CNN and WNEP get together an chant while huddling in a dimly lit room, “slime trump! Slime trump!”?

    Sure seems like it.

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