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Talkback 16: President Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration

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Callers argue both sides of the debate over President Trump's executive order on immigration in this edition of Talkback 16.


  • Cat

    I don’t recall the drones carrying on and protesting when Obama basically did the exact same thing several years ago!
    Oh wait, that’s right…

  • john reynolds

    Sorry it affected your family but it affected mine and many others also. The fact remains that 9 of the 9-11 hijackers were Saudis and Saudi Arabia is not on Trumps immigration ban list. Don’t you even wonder why?

    • Lance

      They should also be on the list. As well as Afghanistan and Pakistan. Until we know who’s coming in here. So the whiners can knock it off unless they can guarantee with their lives that another attack won’t happen

  • Lance Grach

    How can we let in more people when we have citizens that don’t have food, housing or jobs? When we can get our own house in order then we can open our doors. But only when we let in those who embrace our culture and our values. In order to do that we have to review our vetting policies and that takes alittle time. So for those who complain about it being racist etc. Remember that when another San Bernadino shooting occurs or God forbid another 9/11 style attack. Hopefully it won’t come to that and if it does. Pray it doesn’t hurt your family or friends like it did mine.

    • Writer Girl

      Hysterical left wing people don’t see this issue in a rational way and of course, nothing will ever happen to them and their loved ones, even though it should.

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