Five Men Charged with Sexually Abusing Young Boy

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WARMINSTER, Pa. — Five men have been arrested, charged with a variety of sexual offenses involving an underage boy in Bucks County.

The alleged abuse started in 2009, when the victim was 9 years old, the Pennsylvania attorney general said. The victim was repeatedly sexually abused by at least four men.

According to court documents, the victim told investigators that David Parker, 38, of Stroudsburg would take him to a home where a group of men would dress up as animals known as “Furries.”

The victim said another man, Kenneth C. Fenske, 57, of Quakertown, would dress up as a red fox called “Lupine” and would take him upstairs and sexually abuse him.

The alleged abuse occurred multiple times and on different dates.

Five suspects have been arrested and charged with a variety of sexual offenses, the attorney general said

Fenske was charged with multiple counts of child rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, and unlawful contact with a minor. Fenske was arraigned in Bucks County and was locked up on $750,000 bail.

Parker was charged with child rape and related counts, including possession of child pornography.

Jeffrey Harvey, 40, of West Wyoming was charged in Lackawanna County with unlawful contact with a minor, criminal use of a cell phone, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, and statutory sexual assault.

Craig Knox was arrested and charged with sexual offenses in Virginia. He was extradited to Pennsylvania and was locked up in Luzerne County.

Stephen Taylor has also been arrested in Virginia in connection with the case.

The victim is now in foster care, the attorney general said.

“Our investigation is not done, and it is likely there will be more arrests. We believe it is likely there could be more victims out there from this ring of abuse. We want to help them and protect them from any further abuse,” Attorney General Josh Shapiro said. “We’re seeking the public’s help today and asking people to come forward and speak with our Office or the Bucks DA’s Office if they know anything.”

The attorney general said the case is still active and ongoing and believes there may be more victims. A tip line has been set up at 1-800-385-1044. You can also remain anonymous and give a tip at


  • Steve

    This is story smells of what Pizzagate looks like. Something out of True Detective season one. The writers must have known this stuff goes down. These men need to be castrated and given life in prison among general population.

  • El Ma

    Apparently, my comments on this topic – ALL of them – have been flagged and are “…awaiting moderation…” and this says something about the Talkback 16 Moderator that’s cruising these boards. Here are both of the comments and the second one may seem a little extreme, but it is hardly as inappropriate as some of the other very juvenile and foolish comments that remain posted. So, this makes me wonder……….what are the motives behind some of these moderated flags? Who determines which posts will be flagged, and which ones won’t? Are these Moderators using an objective guideline, or are they making their own guidelines up as they wish? Are they targeting certain posts because they are offended, themselves? Are they targeting certain posts because they don’t like the author? Or, are they targeting certain posts because they are choosing to take comments personally? In any event, someone needs to moderate the Moderators, in my most humble opinion. :-/

    With regard to the victim being placed in foster care, I commented: “Jason, when a child is removed from the home and placed in foster “care,” it is usually because the parent(s) or guardian(s) has not properly cared for the child in question. In only rare events does a child go from the family home directly into foster “care,” so it goes forth that whomever was supposed to be taking care of that boy was, indeed, either complicit or negligent.

    And, you can BET that there are other victims involved with these predators. Castrate them all, and let them live long, long lives with their shame. Shooting them would be too quick.”

    With regard to the punishment that these predators deserve: “It does not matter whether or not these predators indulged in the “Furry” culture, or not. What matters is that they destroyed an innocent child’s life. It’s going to take years, and years of intensive counseling therapy for this young man to recover and heal from his experiences.

    Bail? None of these fursonnas warrant bail. Once they’re found guilty, they should be castrated and have their foreheads branded with “MOLESTER.” Oh, right………….that would considered “cruel and unusual punishment.” Of course, what the child must have endured was more cruel and beyond “unusual”………….(sigh). I am SO glad that I am not a kid in today’s contemporary society or that I don’t have an impressionable child that I’m trying to guide through this morass of debauchery.”

  • Jason

    My concern is that it says “The boy is now in foster care.” What was his living situation prior to this, that he would ‘now’ be in foster care. was someone here a relative, was a relative complicit, was he in foster care and one of these was a foster parent?

  • corey (furries)

    im just here to debunk any side thought towards furries. this garbage is not from us, it is obviously a cover of the face and no more. any real furry will tell you this and ill tell you that we fight discrimination constantly from pricks like this.

  • Trumps sticking to his words

    Chuck I believe they used this boy as a slave and if you do your homework you’ll find this was a democrat thing not republican so your comment is way of base!

  • Trump supporter

    F**king kill them.its the only way these scumbags will stop.send them to hell.cuz that’s where they go and they have a special place for them there.

  • think positive

    My goodness, what a bunch of sickos. That poor boy. I hope he gets the best care from here on in and will be okay. It’s unimaginable what he had to endure with those maniacs. Please lock them away in solitary confinement until they’re deceased.

    • Gina

      No solitary. General population with guys that have nothing to lose. He’ll get love the end of a broom handle after awhile…..

  • yeti sasquatch

    There is nothing you can do to equal what these scumbag lowlife perverts have done to this child incarceration or death is to good for them send them to the korangal valley in Afghanistan to clear IEDs no training

  • youralowlifeloser

    yeah because the guys here are all that NOT! it has nothing to do with it..and any rutting pig can “do it,” that’s not what it’s about! maybe the women here just don’t wanna touch big fat ignorant knuckle dragging slobs that live here so that’s why none of them are getting any!
    these individuals aren’t human, they’re demonic demented monsters who lost their soul. they best pray they never get out because they might not last very long!

  • nojustice_nopeace

    WNEP yet again you prove what a low life newsite you are by allowing low life losers to comment in the way some do here in the face of such a monstrous tragedy inflicted on a child. Please get some class and a clue! Jeez, can’t this state get anything right? Oh yeah, we pushed the Trump Presidency over the now follow suit and grow a freaking spine already! Don’t you pay anyone more than minimum wage over there??

    • snarf snarf

      NOJUSTICENOPEACE-Why don’t you quit your whining to Wnep and try to be a grown adult, if you even are. If comments on here offend you look away. Or better yet, don’t visit this sight at all softy. Get your coloring book and go find your safe place.

  • Sick of it

    Just kill them…. This area has become so disgusting and populated with perverts I can’t wait to get myself and my family out of here

    • Dinty Moore

      Just kill them without a trial… we have a little thing called the Constitution which prevents that. Doesn’t matter how sick you are.

      • justiceservedcold

        A trial for what? Mental illness copout? Any idiot knows they get a trial duh, we just don’t to see them out again..ever..and it’s pretty sickening when you have to feed and water monsters like these for the rest of their lives!

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