Protesters in Scranton Cited on Inauguration Day

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SCRANTON -- A protest in Scranton during the presidential inauguration on Friday ended with the police stepping in.

Three people are being cited after an incident outside Senator Bob Casey's office.

Newswatch 16 was at that rally in Scranton Friday and there were no problems until the crowd showed up later outside the private building where Senator Casey's office is located.

While Donald Trump was being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, a group rallied against him on Courthouse Square in Scranton.

Pretty soon, they showed up outside the Cait Center where Senator Bob Casey's office is located and were not allowed inside.

A video posted on Facebook shows the altercation and police getting involved resulting in three people cited for disorderly conduct and harassment.

"I didn’t put my hands on anyone. There was a woman who put her hands on me," said Margaret Fletcher of Moosic.

Fletcher sat down with Newswatch 16 and shared what happened when the group tried to deliver its petition to Senator Casey Friday. Fletcher said there was no problem at Senator Pat Toomey's office, but she was one of the ones taken into custody at the entrance to the Cait Center.

"I really wasn’t trying to go forward. If they choose to rent space to a public official, anybody should be able to go in there," she said.

Senator Casey’s office has had a long-standing open policy at the building in downtown Scranton, a spokesperson said. The owner, Jerry Donahue, didn’t return our request for comment and does appear to have control of who can enter the building.

Jonathan Christiansen led the group Friday and was also cited along with 72-year-old Marion Beddoe-Iobst.

Christiansen told Newswatch 16 by phone he was glad protesters held their ground but preferred no one ended up in trouble with the law.

As for Margaret Fletcher, she also wishes the protest didn't come to this but plans to fight the citations.

"I’m going to say not guilty. I didn’t touch anybody, didn’t yell at anybody,"

Eventually, members of that rally were able to meet with someone in Senator Casey's office Friday.

The senator's spokesperson indicated they'll be working to clarify with the building's owner how future incidents like this should be handled.


  • motmot

    HEY JESSICA…go protest on Joe Paterno’s doorstep…I’m sure he will answer your questions…As long as his good friend Trump is in office, Joe will never serve a day in prison…

  • Local Voter That Pays Taxes

    The building owner gets tax dollars for the rent on the office. He doesn’t have the right to decide who can see the senator, especially when Casey’s office never asked him to play gatekeeper. Jerry Donahue has decades of corruption and scandal, including defaulting on loans and bogus filings. We shouldn’t be paying him a dime. I hope Casey moves this office and stands up for the rights of his constituents.

  • JessicaInWilliamsport

    Protest is every citizen’s right. You’re right, it will happen for the next 4 years, if this president even makes it that far. They were trying to deliver a petition, and it seems the building security took issue with that. They are correct, public officials’ office space is supposed to be accessible to the public. Glad to hear the Casey camp is going to look into making themselves more accessible.

    • magicmikexxsm

      JESSICAINWILLIAMSPORT Seriously honey try prozac…….Trump has done more in 3.5 days then Obama did in 8 years…….OgI guess you are okay with Obama giving 221 million to Hamas and the palistinians…..gee what do you think they will use that money to buy???? Obama did it on the sly in his last minutes of Prez…….now just think if they gave 500k to every family in the USA just think how helpful that would have been………

      • senntenial

        I’d like to have a discussion on some of the points you’ve raised, but at the same time I’m having trouble deciphering what you’re attempting to say…

      • JessicaInWilliamsport

        All he’s done is issue executive orders — which if I’m not mistaken you had an issue with when Obama did that. They called him a tyrant, accused him of executive over-reach…. Talk about hypocritical. Also, HONEY — I’m not the one with mental health issues, your president is. As for doing more than Obama did in 8 years….there are more channels than fox news.

  • WarningFakeNews

    All protests, all the time, next 8 years. It’s a wonderful thing, we need Americans to be reminded just what we were voting against.

    • no nonsense

      Protesting against what? Jobs? Security? Abortion?? That’s why Americans voted for Trump. Stay calm and enjoy the next 8 years.

      • WarningFakeNews

        Um, yeah. I agree. Just saying that these protests aren’t going to accomplish anything other than cementing the new status quo. Therefore, all for them. Not the violence, mind you, but that’s not helping their cause, either.

      • senntenial

        Unemployment rates have steadily decreased under Obama. Abortion rates do not increase with legal abortion and help secure a woman’s health. Security? Trump wants to back out of the UN and build a wall when most undocumented immigrants from Mexico simply overstay a work visa.

        Everything Trump has campaigned on is a falsehood, or as you might call it, an alternative fact.

      • Nope, no, and nonsense

        @SENNTENIAL- Are you completely lost? People working 2 and 3 part time “service industry” low wage jobs just to survive is NOTHING to brag about. As far as “H.R. 193” and it FINALLY getting us away from the burden that is the UN? Thank the lord!!!! I’ve already contacted my congressional representative to let them know that people that we can’t vote for should have NO say in our Sovereignty or our way of life! Please do the rest of us a favor and find your way to Canada. Or better yet try Mexico. Please? Don’t forget your coloring books buddy ;)

      • senntenial

        Ah, always moving goalposts I see. First, you claim no jobs, now they’re not good enough for you. Makes sense that conservatives are afraid of getting their hands dirty, always want everything handed to you on a silver platter by the working class, and then you want to complain about them!

        People are working 2 to 3 part time jobs because your GOP Congress refuses to adjust the minimum wage to make it livable. You really think Trump has better jobs in mind? He’s already pledged to stifle technological innovation in favor of bringing back coal mining jobs. If you’d like to get blacklung because you think it’s better than a service job, by all means, go out there and do it.

        Statistics show how Obama’s years have saved the economy from Bush’s years, but again – I’m sure you’ll find another alternative fact to uphold your alternative reality. There’s really no sense in arguing with people like yourself, you’re too far gone. I brought up facts and statistics, and you resort to namecalling like your fuhrer in chief. I guess two can play it that game – but let me know if you ever want to have an adult conversation.

        And no, I’ll stay here in America with the majority of +3 million citizens who believe in science and facts.

      • Nope, no, and nonsense

        If you are so right, why would you state that I resorted to name calling… Buddy? When did I claim “no jobs”. It’s like you are correcting me for something I didn’t say. Barry acted much more like a socialist with forcing that “affordable” care act on us and then throwing hefty fines at those not signed up. Don’t you think? I mean you are literally projecting your faults at me. It is kind of crazy. “Always want everything handed to you on a silver platter by the working class, and then you want to complain about them”? What class am I in? The “free cell phone, and massive growth in welfare recipients over the past 8 years class”? Once again, YOU are projecting. Next you’ll assume my gender or my race, and we’ll go from there. How would you consider any of the BS you spewed to be anywhere near an “adult conversation” when it is on the brink of a tantrum and is all easily dis-proven with a simple search? Saved the economy? That’s the best one. Did you see our debt? Obama spent literally more than the previous 43 Presidents before him COMBINED. Not to mention spending over $84 million of OUR money on a record number of vacations. Notice I said OUR? That’s the real difference here. You are everything you accuse me of, and then some…. Good luck with that. Buddy :)

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