‘Highlights for Children’ Magazine Makes History

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HONESDALE -- "Highlights for Children" has been a part of many of our childhoods. The children's magazine, based partly in Wayne County, did something in the new February issue it had never done before.

Every month, "Highlights" puts out a magazine filled with stories and puzzles for kids.

Now, it has included in its latest issue a family with two dads, the first representation of a same-sex relationship in the publication's 70-year history.

Soon after it arrived in the mail, Betty Lawson leafed through the February issue of "Highlights for Children" at the Wayne County Public Library in Honesdale.

Then she saw it: a family packing for a trip – kids, parents, a same-sex couple, and a first for the long-running children's magazine.

"It's not banging anybody over the head with anything," said librarian Betty Lawson. "It's a picture of a family, of a beautiful family packing up to go on vacation."

The children's librarian is proud to see "Highlights" take this progressive step. She too has been trying to incorporate a more diverse selection of books for families on the library's shelves.

"I just got some books on transgender children, a beautiful book on a transgender family."

"Highlights for Children" has been headquartered in Honesdale for generations and also has a headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. The company wouldn't comment on camera but directed us to its website which says, "our depiction of people is in support of our mission to help children become their best selves and understand that all families, including theirs, are important. We appreciate your continued trust in us in enriching children's lives with our publications."

"It certainly is a scary move to come into the 21st century at times, but I wouldn't even say it's revolutionary. It's about time. This is the way the world operates. Again, it's up to the parents to figure how they want to address this with the children. You can't shelter or hide this from children for the rest of their lives," said Jeannie Maritato.

"I think it's up to a parent to decide if they should bring that subject up and if they want to purchase the magazine and cover that, that's fine. It's not a subject I care to discuss with my children at this point," said parent Mary Samson.

A controversy started in October when an activist pointed out the lack of any same-sex families in the pages of "Highlights" products. Then, when the company apologized and said it would include same-sex relationships soon which caused a Christian advocacy group called "One Million Moms" to oppose the move.

Nonetheless, "Highlights" went through with it.


    • Frank Susko

      Goofus says, “Don’t hold my hand in public! I don’t want anyone to know we’re gay!
      Gallant says, “Darling, what you are experiencing is internalized homophobia. We live in a free, open, and pluralist society. We have as much right to express our love in the same way as heterosexuals do.”

  • Alan

    I sure hope parents everywhere boycott and never renew a subscription again to Highlights for Children. The Bible says homosexuality is an abomination to God. And I hope publications like this go out of business.

  • CeeMe

    I guess it’s inevitable, and of course, there are always activists who cry and scream for their “rights.” Personally, I get sick of people acting like their sexuality is the end all and be all of everything. The magazine may not be shoving anything on anyone, but the “activists” certainly do. If I had sex with a same sex significant other, (which I don’t) I wouldn’t see any need to tell anyone or have society reflect my preferences. Of course, with all the PC and talk of discrimination, keeping quiet doesn’t seem to be much of an option anymore.

    • kutulhu

      You can say that because you have a union that society accepts. If you actually have a relationship with a same sex individual you would not post what you did. Because then you would know what it is like to be the “other”, the “evil” and the “damned”. So please, do not try and speak for people for which you have zero understanding. It only makes you look like fool.

      • Frank Susko

        “I Quit…”: Let me amend your statement. The gays will never get approval from people like YOU. My guess is that they couldn’t care less if you approve of them.

    • Victrin

      I know right? There’s some real sickos in this world. Like at my office my coworker shoves his sexuality in my face everyday with pictures of his wife and kids. it’s like dude, why do you feel the need to prove to the world that you had sex?! The guy even brings his fetishes to work. He has a gold ring on his finger in some sick public display of some psycho-sexual bonding ritual him and his wife do. Why on Earth would he put something so private in the public eye? What he does behind closed doors with his wife is his own business, but I don’t see a reason he needs to shove it in my face everyday.

    • Richard

      Did you know that men have been going into women’s bathrooms for decades. It’s not surprising that you didn’t because trans have been pariahs forever. So just know that your worst fear has been happening all around you and you never knew it. And there never has been a problem until it’s made political and you buy into it.

      • Terry

        now that you have established that “that” is normal, let’s have Highlites Magazine have a drawing of “that” next month. One activist complains to Highlites Magazine and they cave ? the gay mafia at work again —- submit or be destroyed

      • Frank Susko

        Galant is fine with people using the public bathroom of their gender identity.
        Goofus checks everyone’s genitalia before he lets them use the bathroom at the Walmart where he is the manager.

  • Lloyd Schmucatelli

    Oh god. Why do we have to pervert the minds of the youth?

    If you’re going to do it, why not 2 hot blonde moms? What’s fair is fair right?

    • Lloyd Schmucatelli

      Yes, 2 hot sexy blonde moms. Why not, it’s not like it would be “sexist”! It’s not like you can attempt to add morals into the story!! Hypocrisy at its core!!

      • kutulhu

        And yet it’s you who are yelling and clutching your pearls like the sky is falling because of a simple drawing in a children’s magazine. Panties in a twist, indeed.

    • Victrin

      I agree. The art style of that drawing is pretty pedestrian. I don’t expect Norman Rockwell level artistry, but I’d hope Highlights could provide something a little more impactful.

      • Frank Susko

        Well done, Victrin :-). I was going to remind Joe that children see other children with gay/lesbian parents not just in Highlights magazine but in public and on TV and movies. But your comment was way better. Bravo! :-)

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