Thank You Cards for Cops

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SCRANTON -- It isn't often law enforcement officers hear, "thank you," from the people they serve and protect, but children at one elementary school in Scranton wanted to show the police how much they're appreciated.

Every other day of the year, these men and women in law enforcement go about their jobs and aren't always on the receiving end of thanks from folks in the public.

But on this day at Whittier Elementary School in Scranton's south side, city police officers and county sheriffs got to hold those "thank yous" in hand.

"It's uplifting for the officers when the officers hear that. They're not looking for any type of recognition, but the little things like this especially in the times we're in now, gives them extra energy to go out," said Scranton Police Chief Carl Graziano.

For a couple weeks now, second graders at Whittier Elementary School were designing thank you cards and were able to deliver them to officers on National Law Enforcement Day.

"It means a lot. They keep us safe," said third-grader Nicholas Bradley.

"Because they protect our city," added third-grade Paige Dougherty.

The students beamed with pride handing over the creative cards handmade and colored by youngsters who are learning a true lesson in appreciation for those in public service who put their lives on the line in the name of public safety.

"They help you if you get lost or something," said Hannah Wallen.

No matter how long these men and women have been putting on the badge, it's this type of recognition that makes their efforts feel appreciated.

"The volatility and everything in the country, these children took the time out of their day to recognize law enforcement. No amount of money could put a tag on what these cards are worth, as far as I'm concerned," said Lackawanna County Sheriff Mark McAndrew.