Nonprofit Offers Warmth in Cold Times

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WILLIAMSPORT -- Temperatures could drop into the single digits in some parts of our area this weekend

A nonprofit in Williamsport is helping folks get out of the cold.

On a cold day like this, John Landis is happy he has a roof over his head.

"I'd be under a pine tree somewhere probably froze to death by now," said Landis.

Landis is homeless. The man everyone calls "Sarge" has lived all over the country and has found refuge at places such as American Rescue Workers. It's a nonprofit that cares for families and people in need in Williamsport.

"There are people out there," said Landis. "Just in your community from ringing the bell for this outfit, I know a couple of older guys that are living with just a blanket."

When American Rescue Workers can't offer folks a place to stay, they hand out care bags.

"It's dangerous to be out this time of the year and it's unfortunate that anybody is outside," said Mike Kane, American Rescue Workers.

The bags are filled with the essentials including hygiene products and a blanket.

"Oftentimes this time of the year, there is nothing available in our shelters but right now, whatever reason this winter seems to be different. I have a number of beds available," said Kane.

Although a lot of folks will not need to use the shelter this winter, there are families who will need to stay warm when they are outside in the cold. It's why American Rescue Workers are offering up free coats.

Burlington Coat Factory actually puts it on where you bring in a gently worn or new coat and they bring it here to be distributed," said Kane.

Anyone in need of a coat or a warm place to stay is urged to call American Rescue Workers. You can also stop by their site on Elmira Street in Williamsport.