Student Athletes Talk to Kids About Bullying

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LEWISBURG -- Many teachers say bullying is a topic that is constantly being addressed in the classroom. But sometimes lessons in preventing bullying mean more to students coming from people closer to their age.

With wide eyes and big smiles, middle school students from the Mount Carmel Area School District watched the Bucknell Women's Basketball Team take on American University. But the students, along with kids from Meadowbrook Christian Academy and the Lewisburg Area School District, weren't just there to watch the game. They also got a lesson in anti-bullying from the athletes.

"The schools in our area said it's certainly a message and a conversation they're having with students and really critical to learning and would be really great to hear from our student-athletes about how they treat different community members," Maisha Kelly said.

The women's basketball team's education day was meant to reach out to school-age children in the area. The players spoke with the kids about why it's important not to bully others.

"I learned that it's not nice to bully people and we should respect everyone," Connor Krakowski said.

"It happens to a lot of people. It could happen to anyone and you wouldn't expect it. They could hide their feelings. Just don't do it," Azure Bosland said.

After the seminar, the kids got to stay and watch the women's basketball team play their game.

"Kids get to stay and watch it so it's a pretty cool field trip for them for sure," Kelly said.

The students tell Newswatch 16 they enjoyed the program because they could relate to the athletes.

"Coming from actual students, I think you could understand it more because teachers can't really feel what you're thinking," Kelly Lawton said.

"They're older but they still experience the same things that we do. We can relate to them," Bosland said.

The students also got a free lunch at the game, and there were activities during breaks in the basketball game.

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