One Recycling Site Closes, Another Opens

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STROUD TOWNSHIP -- A recycling drop-off site in Monroe County is closed for good after illegal dumping had been a problem.

Crews picked up years of a free service and hauled it away. Dumpsters at the Analomink recycling drop-off site in Stroud Township are gone for good.

Duane Green wanted to drop stuff off but showed up just a little bit late.

"I knew it was coming," said Green. "Everyone is dumping all their garbage here constantly. They have been doing it for years, dumping all their garbage. It's for recycling, it's not a dump."

Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority put up warning signs that the Analomink site would close if illegal dumping didn't stop. But the problem got worse and Waste Management Authority Police said the authority was left with no choice but to close the entire site down.

"It's extremely upsetting because it impacts those who want to do the right thing. Unfortunately, those that don't have ruined it for the rest," said Capt. Jacqueline Bagu.

Because of illegal drop-offs, including TVs and computers, the site had to close. A new site has since opened up, but it's going to be under heavy surveillance.

People are happy to have another location but think it's sad it had to get this far.

Frank Pullo came to the new site off Military Road near Stroudsburg to drop off shredded paper. He understands why the Analomink site closed.

"I have been going there for years," said Pullo. "You can kind of tell something was going on because there was trash on the side. For every person that did something right, you'd come by late and night and there'd be tires, trash so I don't blame these guys."

Here is a list of drop-off locations in Monroe County.


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