7-Year-Old Girl from Forty Fort Steps up to Help Police

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FORTY FORT -- A small act of kindness from a young girl is getting a big reaction.

Neighbors are praising 7-year-old Ava of Forty Fort for offering a helping hand to law enforcement. She saw police knocking on doors, giving out the borough's annual calendars and asked her mom if it was OK if she could pass them out, too.

"She didn't have to do this, she went out of her way to make things nicer for the community and make it easier for the community," said Asst. Police Chief Bill Stone.

The gesture went a long way, especially in light of the tragic death of a state police trooper killed Friday in the line of duty.

"It's a wonderful thing she could do something like that for the police department and the public," said one man.

"All little kids should learn police are their friends. They're not someone they should be afraid of. They should be someone they cooperate with," said another neighbor.

Newswatch 16 talked to Ava's mom about handing out the calendars. She didn't want her daughter to go on camera because she wanted to teach her you can do something nice without getting recognition for it.

"I think that's nice, too. It's the act that's more important, not the giving," said Mayor Andy Tuzinski of Forty Fort.

Still, the mayor wants Ava to know she is appreciated. So, he's now planning to give her a good citizenship award, although he'll do it in private to honor her parent's wishes.


  • Brad

    Ok. Nice bit of “pat yourselves on the back” propaganda. Police know what they’re signing up for when they join the police force just like joining the military. You’re going to face danger and risk your , lives every now and then. You get insurance and all kinds of job perks. How about honoring some “regular citizens or something? There are plenty of corrupt cops out there they are human and have the same faults answer weaknesses that everyone has. Collect your big fat insurance company payment and your pensions and whatever other perks plus go fund me money is gonna roll in. Please?

  • Johsua

    “All little kids should learn police are their friends. They’re not someone they should be afraid of. They should be someone they cooperate with,” said another neighbor.

    The neighbor in question needs to start watching the news more. The police are like everyone else. – some are good. Some aren’t.

    • concerned citizen

      I think an argument could be made that there are more “Bad” police officers than those in other walks of life. The job with it power over others attracts a certain type of personality and anyone who says different likely hasn’t interacted with them much. Furthermore we need to stop giving the police license to violate our rights because of the “Danger” they face. There are many jobs that are more deadly than being a police officer, should I be OK with a commercial fisherman unlawfully detaining me? His job is statistically 6 times more likely to get him killed than a police officer. This wave of informed video camera wielding live uploading citizens is the BEST thing that could have happened for our rights in this country.

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